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NeverTrumpers, It’s Never Too Late, Until It’s Too Late

by Jeanne Harrington;  Trumpville Staff Op-ed Writer 
(Jeanne Harrington’s novel NOW IN PAPERBACK)

A conciliatory Message — We’ve all read posts and comments and seen meme’s created by conservative NeverTrumpers. They are, for the most part, strict Constitutionalists, nothing wrong with that. But while these folks stand strong, claiming to stand on a principle, which is all that matters, I have to ask…is there ANY evidence to suggest they have CONSIDERED the possibility that they are simply doing the WRONG thing for America? Standing on a “principle” is a concept; it is NOT an absolute right position in the real world. Just because one takes a stand, based on a principle, does NOT automatically make that the right action, the one MOST beneficial to our country for example.

That is the inherent problem with what NeverTrumpers are choosing to do in this election. The most common sense conservatives are willing to do what is BEST for America at this time, to save us from going over the edge of the cliff, which is near. The far fewer small band of NeverTrumpers are MORE interested in preserving their principles than they are in preserving their only nation. Taking such a position is NOT beneficial to America, within the realm of reality. It is truly NOT patriotic.

The conservative NeverTrump crowd are fond of quickly pointing out their right to vote as they see fit. That’s great. The rest of us, the majority of conservatives (are just as smart as you are), are looking at the BIG picture. So WE have to ask THEM some pertinent questions since these folks are so quick to point out THEIR right to vote “however.”

NeverTrumpers – Consider these – 4 Rights We Both Want.

  1. What about the RIGHT of every American to have fair and balanced, impartial federal courts, all the way up to our Supreme Court, for the next 40-50 years?

  2. What about the RIGHT of every American to own AND carry a firearm for personal protection in their travels?

  3. What about the RIGHT of every American to BE relatively safe in their own country, because its federal government defines, maintains and controls its own borders and who comes in and with what?

  4. What about the RIGHT of Americans to NOT be invaded by millions of Muslims (as Europe has been) who follow a radical, comprehensive political system (not a religion) known as Islam, which is wholly incompatible with OUR U.S. Constitution?

I dare say that every rational, thinking conservative with common sense MUST ADMIT that those four considerations for our country’s future alone OUTWEIGH their much weaker argument for an individual’s right to simply squander his/her vote for some principle. To put it bluntly, America WILL suffer more than just some lost emails and a miscarriage of justice under Hillary Clinton. We MAY suffer what amounts to catastrophic LOSSES if Hillary is elected. We may lose our courts, many of our rights, and our entire economy, as the big government continues to crush us under its weight, all driven by Hillary.

What is Fabian Socialism?

They say a very effective way to defeat your enemy, to gain power over them, is not to attack them outright, in one fierce battle, but to weaken them, bring them down in several ways, make them feel weary…and then it’s easy to go in for the kill. Well, America has been weakened, for decades now, it has been changed, slowly, incrementally, steadily over time. Folks, that is known as Fabian Socialism, and it is a very effective way to CHANGE basic principles, a culture, a nation. Will you swallow your pride and help us save America? We are all counting on you.

We as a nation can CONTINUE to decline, decay, literally decompose and be left at the bottom of the trash heap of history, not even a memory, IF we do not stop our insane, steady slide, NOW. Our Founding Fathers were indeed wise men, though I doubt even with all they knew and understood about human history and human nature, they could have imagined the level of insanity, chaos and corruption in American government today. They were Godly men for the most part, but they were also realistic, down to earth men, practical types. We today should take from their example and be practical in electing our leaders. Our candidates may not be as close to our ideal as we’d like, or they might seem to be somewhat similar in several ways. There is always one difference, or several, which logically dictates whom we SHOULD elect, to avoid more problems than we want.

Remember most of what the left says about Mr. Trump is untrue. Sure he’s said some things he is ashamed of, but Hillary is only one step away from ruining your life and the lives of all who come after us. Too much patriotic blood has been shed to come this far. We are not going back.

One last thing, each of you #NeverTrump “conservatives,” Donald Trump held his own, Trump style, with a professional politician, and Head Witch, Hillary Clinton. The man flat took her broom away from her and used it to sweep all of her lies out from under the rug in his second debate with her. The man is imperfect (aren’t we all), but he is smart, capable, genuine and he loves his country. And he CAN beat her. Just remember this, HE is a successful businessman who built something; Hillary is nothing but a lying, conniving, bribe-taking broom factory operator. If you DON’T help elect Trump in November and give HIM a chance to do a lot of good for America, you WILL get to watch HER cast her political spells, ruin everything we love about being free, and being, rightfully, PROUD Americans. Do not trade common sense for revenge. Join us. We still love you. 

“Message to NeverTrumpers”,  by Jeanne Harrington;  Trumpville Staff Op-ed Writer
(Jeanne Harrington’s novel NOW IN PAPERBACK)

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