Mr Obama inforce the laws please

mr obama


Mr Obama don’t be surprised when the Feds come to your door to arrest you. We know you have been testing our Constitutional boundaries, and you have been cutting it close. Maybe a little too close, It’s clear you are a champion of Islam and the homosexual community. On that, Americans are sure! I have seen YouTube videos claiming with convincing evidence that you are in fact a homosexual and that your wife Michael is a man, and actually played football for the Oregon State Beavers.

Mr Obama you are covering up for Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal, just so she won’t blow the whistle on things you want to stay secret. She’s blackmailing you, right? We are aware that you don’t like each other.

Mr Obama keeps flying around the world trying to Promote

  • Global Warming. (You know this is nonsense, a ploy to gain more Government control.)
  • Obamacare (A Government take-over of our health system. ( Yes it needs reform but your system is an utter failure, everything you were warned about has come true. You won’t accept any help from the other side of the aisle. So this complete failure falls squarely on the Liberal’s shoulders.)
  • Muslim Immigrants flooding our country with no way to vet them. It’s not bcause you have a big heart, you don’t, you want Islam to gain a toe hold in America to cause us pain for generations, You must really hate America, and Americans.
  • Promoting the alphabet Gay movement.  Just 10 years ago Most of what they do was illegal and punishable by law. Now all of a sudden you decide they need a voice. Is that because you are a member of their group. This isnt over and will be revisited. We are not changing our lives because of a few mentally ill people thinking they are something they are not. I have heard of people thinking they are animals, do you really think gays are any different. You think this is settled. I think the majority of Americans disagree with you and Hollywood. ( You are playing with our country. We make choices like that. Not you.)
  • Open Boarders, finally arrived at one of the most egregious crime against America. Trying to import voters for the Liberal Democrats. Not enforcing illegal immigration laws are costing American Lives, victims of crimes, our treasure, our jobs, and cost of supporting these illegals.
  • Removing A half a trillion dollars from Social Security and Medicare to support a health care system that the majority of Americans didn’t want. ( They were right. When you refer to us as uneducated and dumb, we understand you are just being Obama.
  • Removing God from every thing to to with Government. You misunderstand and mis-state the “Separation of Church and State. And you know it. It was specifically meant to keep government out of Religion’s business. Not the other way around. That is the correct meaning and you know it. Have you never read any white papers or the Federlist papers, and you call yourself a president.
  • You apologize for everything that America did. That’s not your job. We didn’t agree on that, you’re out of line, Your best bet is to leave this country. Go to Iran, they love you over there, although with your record they will biew as being to weak kneed to be effective.

You will go down down as the very worse President this county has ever had. But you did provide a service. You woke all of us up. We are not alone. America feels like we do. So never say, ‘That’s just not who we are,” again please. You don’t speak for America and never will.

So Mr Obama don’t be surprised when the Feds come knocking. Remember, “Hands up, don’t shoot”, Go peaceably, don’t call out racist slurs. Try to be  Presidential and show your followers how to stay alive during an arrest. You have not beem good for the people who love America. You misjudged your importance and we went along with you because we tried to give you a chance. You failed us at every turn. You wasted your chance, Everything you did will be reversed, null and voided. Children will read aloud in class about what you did for 100 years, your name will be as disliked as Benedict Arnold. The Loser President is what people will call you. Teachers characters will be investigated. Who wants a pervert teaching our children,, no one. Being you will be a lonely job and you earned it.

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