BREAKING NOW – Mr KHAN Bribed by Clinton Campaign – Exposed !

Mr Khan Bribed

Mr Khan Bribed by Hillary Campaign

posted by Nancy Smith‎ to The Trump Factor: Tennessee
author UNKNOWN: possible author Mac Wheeler

Mr. Khan and his wife are turning out to be the gift that keeps on giving. Donald Trump knows people and he was right to question the credibility of the Khans. 

CROOKED HILLARY NEWS: We have info from a “friend” inside the DNC that Mr. Khan bribed and paid $25,000 to give that anti President TRUMP speech that he did not write, the speech was written by two people who work for the Clinton Campaign, also the copy of the constitution he showed was bought just hours before by a female Clinton staffer. Now this all seems bad but it gets worse.

DNC and Hillary arranges Bribes for Khan

Mr. Khan was contacted by the Clinton Campaign after his name was given to them by the White House 4 days before the convention this after 5 other families turned down the offer to speak, all of these families had to sign Non Disclosure Agreements, and each were paid $5,000.

Mr Kahn bribed get’s real payoff

  • Mr Kahn bribed,  who is an immigration attorney with his own firm which is deeply in-debt some $1,700,000,
  • Mr Kahn , also has YUGE trouble with the IRS going back 6 years now, he appears he owes in back taxes around $850,000 plus interest and penalties. But the story is not done yet,
  • Mr Kahn , has been paid by CNN and NBC News over $100,000 to tell his fake story to them,
  • plus Mr. Kahn, has been given a bonus of $175,000 by the DNC AKA the Clinton Campaign, but it still not done yet,
  • Mr Kahn, the IRS as of yesterday has placed his file on hold and will no longer go after Mr. Khan and his wife for the back taxes due.

Site editor note.

Add bribery to Hillary’s list of charges. She would be a horrible choice for a President. She is an embarrassment to women who think she’s the one. Trump will clean out the viper nest that is our Government, and they are running scared. Why else would they resort to crime to keep someone down who, they say is so far behind. The polls are phony, I’d say. What do you think. Hillary is living in another world. Mr Khan bribed and now he wants out before he’s caught. Not going to happen, you’re busted. Look what these people are willing to do to gain the power of the Presidency. We must remember Hillary will not get down in the dirt with Trump. Mis-direction, mis-information, mis-fired. Sounds like a beauty pageant for progressives.

posted by Nancy Smith‎ to The Trump Factor: Tennessee
author UNKNOWN:

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3 Comments on BREAKING NOW – Mr KHAN Bribed by Clinton Campaign – Exposed !

  1. Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundation bought voting machines and in every State where the machines were Bernie lost that State Ask your election supervisors to inspect your machines ask your County ask your State. She has broken federal laws she has obstructed justice she has lied to Congress and she has violent Soros funded BLM on her board Soros contributed to her campaign She does what he wants or rich Arabs want not what is good for America or Americans Please read the Wikileaks emails and you can see for your self the self serving secret and classified and confidential info that for years was available easily to any hacker The media is almost always all paid off on mainstream TV paid for anti Trump Google Twitter and Facebook people 24 hours a day there is much fraud partial glimpses and then to the lies exaggerations of others all paid for by DNC there are wealthy many backing her not Trump there are a few like Soros Bloomberg and Rothchild that make much money ruining countries and much unrest and suffering of people they make money off this unsafe immigration Please read the emails and do not vote for Hillary Clinton she should have been arrested Soros has an International warrant issued by Putin Vote for Trump and Pence and their team can make America so much better Our country has 1.9 growth and dropping we are in recession and the paid off media and Obama and Hillary are lying to us please vote Trump and Pence

  2. Typical Hillary tactics. Lie, cheat, still but never,NEVER tell the truth! She is going down come Nov. If not before! I think she will look good in stripes and her husband too.
    TRUMP/PENCE 2016


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