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Mr Kahn and the Con: We live in a country that has changed little from all others since the beginning of organized society’s in that we are all human beings with the same weaknesses and failings. In order to be different, we need to use our intelligence along with our ability to think and most of all use common sense. Throughout history, there have been those who are very greedy people, who seek wealth and power, by playing to one very central weakness and that is it’s always been easier for people to be against something or someone than to be for something or for someone. I didn’t waste my time by watching either convention this past month because I do not need to be told who to support or why by a group of political prostitutes. However, I do read the reports of each to be able to determine their methods and published motives used to sell the people. In the end and after the conventions I determined that the republican convention was more of the same as in past years and the democrats were just one big joke played out by stupid people attempting to sell one lie after another. Below you will find an example of exactly what I am referring to. Just maybe it will help you and others you have influence with to view this year’s election with an intelligent mind and common sense.

Mr Kahn – The Con. This Is Purely About Money

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

But, First…The reason we have to elect Donald Trump is because we need to numb the American people to the distortion and lies of the media and politicians. The more of this hysteria we experience, the tougher our emotional skin will become.  Trump commented on Tuesday in a campaign rally, that he could essentially find the cure for a terminal disease, and the reaction from the media and his opponents would be negative. Essentially, there is no accountability for lies in our culture and very little incentive for the truth any longer. Sensationalism sells.Even worse, the distortion of reality is so horrendous that people are afraid to talk, to express their feelings and share their concerns any longer (for fear of attack). By electing Trump, we ensure that these frauds are left alone on their island of lies. At some point, the American people will no longer be willing to listen to the punditry of outrage created by a sentence or two uttered by Trump in a minutes-long discussion. It just takes time for us to arrive at that point.In essence, Trump will make it acceptable again to be candid, to push back on the wrongs of society, and to force change. This will happen because he sets the “PC-bar” so much higher than our current standard of political correctness will allow.As an example, Khizr Khan, who spoke very negatively about Trump at the Democratic National Convention, has become a media sensation. During an interview on Tuesday with Eric Trump, Gayle King read a statement, “when you question a mother’s pain by implying her religion, not her pain, you are attacking…”  This is out of context and false. Trump did not question her pain or grief. He pointed to the fact that she didn’t speak.

Trump’s observation of Mrs Khan was correct. That’s all there is to it.

In an interview on CNN, Mrs. Khan stated that their beliefs were that the husband, Mr Kahn, was in charge outside of the household and that she was in charge inside the household. This is incredibly important because we have now discovered that Mr Khan operates an immigration law firm, has written extensively in his support of Sharia Law, has ties to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and has associations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Captain Khan is a war hero who made the ultimate sacrifice –  Mrs. Khan is clearly a grieving mother. Mr Khan appears to be a con who used his dead son as a political shield in order to attack Trump. At first, she had a medical condition, then she spoke. I think Trump nailed it.

Why did Mr Kahn attack?

If Donald Trump institutes a ban on Middle Eastern immigration it would essentially put Mr Khan’s law firm out of business. This isn’t about his son; it’s about money. But America is scantily interested in all of the details because we’d rather be outraged or optimistically delusional as opposed to enlightened.

I have frequently said that it is a bad idea to listen to the political ideas of grieving parents.  The only exception would be in the case of Patricia Smith, who is telling a story of how  she was treated by Hillary Clinton after her son was killed in Benghazi. She has direct experience with the character of the Democratic candidate for the presidency. Mr. Kahn does not.

The Kahn story has nothing to do with Trump except that Mr. Kahn’s law firm would be financially harmed by Trump’s proposed ban on certain countries’ immigration-ban. In other words, he could no longer sell citizenship to the highest bidder with President Trump.

Americans are progressively using their tragedies as manipulations and cover for their financial, political and social aspirations. Monetizing a family tragedy is purely evil. At some point, every tragedy will make most conversations off-limits.

In this case, it was a Gold Star family. But, how about the parents who demand your guns be taken away because some crazy person killed their son or daughter at a school? Do we have to be silent while those parents conflate their pain and grief into taking away our rights?

How about the dad who wants to pressure local politicians to close the neighborhood bar because some drunk killed his child driving home at midnight? Are we supposed to ignore that as an ‘off-limits’ topic? After all, it was the drunk’s lack of personal responsibility that created the accident – not the bar!

How about actor Paul Walker’s daughter who decided to sue Porsche because he died in a fiery crash as a result of driving at roughly double the posted speed limit in California? Are we supposed to sit back, because of her grief, and say nothing while her lawyers slander a business due to her father’s irresponsible and reckless driving? His death is sad and tragic but regretfully, his fault.

Who was outraged about the fact that Black Lives Matters was chanting in the middle of a moment of silence for fallen police officers who were assassinated just prior to the DNC? Not the mainstream media!

The outrage and hysteria created by most of what Trump says are fascinating to me. It reveals an emotionally immature society who can’t handle even an ounce of candor.

I find it disgusting that Mr. Khan would use his hero son, Capt. Khan, as a political shield for his financial grievances (dragging his wife through such additional trauma) in the same way ISIS uses elementary schools full of children, as cover, to fire at our soldiers.

If you let situations like this affect your vote for Trump, you will be allowing the enemy to take control of your future.

Nyles notes: A very intelligent man, a real leader and a great Patriot once said ” TRUST BUT VERIFY”

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

Have a great day, Nyle Clay –Matthew 1626

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