Mr Trump “Millions of People are Praying for You”

Millions of People are Praying for You

“Millions of People are Praying for You”

by Marri Velasquez of #JoinTrumpsNation

First I give thanks and praise to God for giving me the opportunity to speak to Donald J. Trump.   Yesterday I joined many volunteers to help at the Trump Houston Event, Marriott, the Woodlands – Texas. Whatever the need was we all worked together for this special Event. Millions of people are praying for you, sir.

Why Millions of People are Praying for you

At the Meeting
Marri Velasquez At the Meeting

I also want to say thank you to Kayla Hensley and Maria Espinoza – (The Remembrance Project”) for asking me to help which allowed me to be in the front row.  So amazed, so blessed. When waiting for Mr. Trump the Supporters were fired up ready to see the next President of the United States.  When Mr. Trump entered the conference room everyone burst into shouts of roars! It was electrifying! My heart was moved when I saw people crying! What love! What hope! Mr. Trump shared with us things he would do to Make America Great and Safe Again. To see him in person and hear him reconfirm his Positions, it gave me an assurance that he will do everything he can to make America First.

After the speech he greeted supporters and signed autographs.  I was hoping that he would make his way where I was, and he did. When he came up to me he signed my cell phone and I took his hand and I told him Mr. Trump I want you to know that there are millions of people are praying for you. I want you to remember that.  We want you to be strong, we are praying for you! He said I will.  Then he took my hand again and I said Mr. Trump remember whatever you are going through, remember millions are praying for you.  He smiled and said Thank you, thank you.
What a blessing for all of us that Mr. Trump believes in God and accepts the prayers.

Millions of People are Praying for You and your team

Please continue to pray special prayers for Mr. Trump and his beautiful family.  Every time you think of him, pray! And pray too  for those who have been assigned to protect him, Team Trump, and his supporters.  Pray for America and the world.
We are the Millions of family, friends, and supporters who are praying for Donald J. Trump.

“Millions of People are Praying for You”
Remain blessed.  cc: Daniel Scavino Jr.

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