Lust for Power Liberty Once Lost is Lost Forever – John Adams

Lust for Power

Lust for Power

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network
April 27, 2014 

Good morning Patriots:

Folks I guess I have lived too long and witnessed too much and as a result I feel like a stranger in a new country. I do not recognize a country that was once the envy of the world. Even though we have never been the pure land of milk and honey as well as all that well-intentioned good people could provide we have been the shining beacon on the hill for all mankind. Today we have become a boiling empire of self-serving beings who’s only motivation is greed and fear and as such we have permitted our once great Republic to fall under the control of those who have taken greed, corruption and lust for power to a higher level. In short we are now the most corrupt nation, considering our size, the world as ever know. The people I see around me appear to be content with being subjugated and living under a government controlled by greedy, corrupt power-hungry puppet’s and elected political prostitutes who answer only to those with enough wealth to buy them.

I as one who has seen a different America with different people do not understand why those with more money than they will ever spend in a thousand lifetimes wish to destroy or transform a country into one that will produce hardship and misery for most of it’s citizens.

As a student of history and having witnessed that lust for the power I have seen through the eyes of historians as well as modern day media millions of lives wasted to satisfy a lust for power that I have ,with all that I know, have never understood. As we all know there is a lot about the behavior of some people that just doesn’t make sense and we will never understand.

Now having made my observation posted so that all can see I will add just one more for the reader of this post to digest. The America that most if not all of you came into as newborns is declining rapidly. This rapid decline is removing the freedoms you have enjoyed during your life time and with those freedoms the good life and potential under a free Republic. It is also sad that our descendants will never enjoy living in a land of the free and the brave. That shining beacon on the hill, America, the land of the free and the brave is rapidly descending into history and will do so in your life time.

Folks I should add that those who lust for power are people with a big hole inside their life and personality and the attempt to fill it by lusting for power.

by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network
Matthew 1626

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