Liberal progressives living in Lala Land

liberal progressives

Attention Liberal progressives, America needs you to wake up

by Jan Mcdonald photo shared by Sue James

This short piece was posted on the Trump Ville Facebook page this morning, and it caught our eye as something that should be shared beyond Facebook. 


Dear liberal progressives

To all my Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders supporter friends and liberal progressives who only want the best for our world, I share these ideas, ideals, alternate views of our individual reality because I want to initiate a dialog between us in which we can express our individual beliefs hoping we can arrive at a consensus by which we both can grow our concepts of overall human compassion towards each other no matter our philosophical or religious divisions and raise our conscientious to a higher level and grow as a benevolent entity of love and expression and diversity. Oh Shit hold on a second…………Well maybe that’s not all true,

As a matter of fact it’s not true at all. I was just channeling my obamalama impersonation. Actually I just want to out you stupid mothers who really think Hillary Clinton is on your side.

If you liberal progressives believed any of this then please realize you are not mentally capable of forming a rational and reasonable conclusion of the future of our country. Please do all of us a favor and do not vote. Just stay home and read some more fiction because that is all the reality you are ever going to enjoy. With Donald Trump as President of the USA, we got this handled. We’ll get back to you when the time is right. In the meantime know that all is well, no need to call us, we’ll call you. Got It…….. I hope so.

by Jan Mcdonald photo shared by Sue James, thank you for the spectacular wake up.

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