What happened in heaven? When Melania Trump said “let us pray?”

let us pray

When Melania Trump said, “let us pray?”

by Marri Velasquez of the Latino Trump Coalition – Houston, Texas – promoting the upcoming “Liberty Register”.

WASHINGTON D.C. — I want to share my heart when I heard First Lady Melania Trump’s prayer.  When Melania said, “Let us pray“, from that moment I believe she invoked the presence of God. Her call to prayer was heard in America and around the world but ALSO in the heavens and all supernatural realm of God. Why do I say that, because God is all-knowing, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Powerful aware of past, present, and future? I believe Melania touched the heart of our Heavenly Father, and he was moved with mercy, love, and compassion. Just like servants we read about in the Bible Melania too, stood before our Heavenly Father on behalf or her nation. I believe God saw her heart and was tender to her call.  When she proceeded to pray the Lord’s Prayer, the exact prayer our Lord Jesus Christ, our Master teaches us to pray, again I believe God was moved.

She reminded me of Queen Esther in the Bible. Queen Esther and her people were in very desperate times. In the midst of it, all Queen Esther turned to the Lord because she knew God. She knew I have loved her and the nation of Israel. What did God do when he heard her prayer, He gave her the victory.  There was something about Esther. God made her queen because he knew she would walk and serve him to bring his will for Israel. 

My insight:

I don’t think there is anyone on this earth who knows what happened in the spirit realm when Melania said let us pray. What impact her humble prayer must have made, to touch God Almighty. The Bible tells us Psalms 145:18: The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Oh how the enemies of God must have been knocked down when Melania prayed to the Most High God, calling upon His great compassion. I believe America, Israel and the world shifted and thundered because the Lord’s Prayer, the word of God was instilled by nation Leader. I believe God used Melania to bring forth his Word and he alone is going to do his will for the good of America.  

Let us pray

I believe God saw her desire to help women and children around the world, and will at his time, his place, his knowing will grant the desire of her heart, just as he granted Queen Esther.

I believe God raised Melania to continue to pray for America. Melania is part of many Prayer breakfasts and meetings. Melania is President’s Trump closest Prayer Warrior, just like Queen Esther was to her king. Amen.

“Let Us Pray”,  by Marri Velasquez of the Latino Trump Coalition – Houston, Texas – promoting the upcoming “Liberty Register”.

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