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In just the last few days Larry Nichols has been interviewed by talk show hosts Mike Siegel, Bill Cunningham, and Josh Bernstein. Every Tuesday night he is a guest on the nightly radio program hosted by Pastor Ernie Sanders. Mr. Nichols is now scheduled to be interviewed by talk show hosts Sara Marie Brenner on Tuesday, May 6, at 8:35 pm, Eastern Time, and by Karen Schoen on Tuesday, May 13, at 8:30 pm, Eastern Time. The late radio legend George Putnam invited only two people to appear twice on his radio program over his long and illustrious career. Those two guests were the world renowned actor, governor, and president, Ronald Reagan, and Golda Meir, the woman who served as the fourth Prime Minister of Israel. Everyone else was limited to only one opportunity to talk with Mr. Putnam – with one major exception – and that exception was Larry Nichols. Mr. Nichols appeared not just twice, but was invited by George Putnam to appear on his radio program on a weekly basis throughout the years Bill Clinton served as President of the United States.

Why did George Putnam find Larry Nichols to be such a desirable guest?

The answer is simple: Nearly each and every week Mr. Nichols broke a new and intriguing scandal on George Putnam’s popular radio program. Remember the man who uncovered the Monica Lewinsky scandal that led to the Congressional Impeachment of President Bill Clinton? Do you remember who exposed the Jennifer Flowers scandal, or the Paula Jones scandal? Do you remember who uncovered the Whitewater scandal and the Mena Airport scandal, to name just of few of the many Clinton-era scandals? They were all uncovered by Larry Nichols, the man who served as a political confidant and adviser to Governor Bill Clinton for more than ten years. He is the man who helped Bill Clinton get elected and re-elected as Governor of Arkansas.

Do you remember the popular 1990s videos Circle of Power and The Clinton Chronicles? Did you know that 60 million copies of The Clinton Chronicles were placed into circulation? Well, the man at the center of those eye-opening videos is now at the center of another controversy. Yes, Mr. Nichols is the man who uncovered that long list of nasty scandals that had Bill and Hillary Clinton on the defensive for most of their eight years in the White House. And the feud between the Clinton’s and Mr. Nichols will certainly rekindle with Hillary Clinton positioning herself for a 2016 presidential run. If you have unanswered questions about Bill and Hillary Clinton, Larry Nichols is the man to talk to if you are really looking for answers. Larry Nichols’ most recent interview occurred on Friday, May 2, 2014, on The Josh Bernstein Show.

To get a small sample of why Larry Nichols is such a highly desired talk show guest, listen to this exchange between Larry Nichols and Josh Bernstein. Larry engages Josh about 20 minutes into the program. You can fast forward to that point if you are rushed for time! You can find numerous other samples if you search the World Wide Web! Mr. Nichols is no shrinking violet! If you want a robust discussion with the man who single-handedly took on the most powerful man in the nation, Larry Nichols is your man. Mr. Nichols is unrestrained by political correctness, and that’s just one of the many reasons he has thousands of followers. That’s just one of the numerous reasons Bill Clinton mentioned Mr. Nichols in his memoir If you would like to interview Mr. Nichols on your radio program and discover his plan for saving and restoring our nation, send an email message to his editor and publisher,

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1 Comment on Larry Nichols confessed Clinton Hit-man

  1. Harvey Wallenll
    Yesterday at 6:33am ·

    1. See the lies Hillary is telling us. How can the Democrats vote for Hillary with all the corruption in the Democrat Party. It’s like everyone needs to go to jail is this what you really want to vote for?
    Is this the system you want working for you? I SAY HELL NO!
    When it comes time to vote for our new President you better think twice?In the republican party you have more to gain i was a democrat for years not no more no way in hell.
    Democrats, you are putting us in a place that puts all of us in hell just because you’re being stubborn. Trump, is our best chance. So get over yourself. You are hurting all the Americans? Is that really what you want? I say HELL NO!!
    Now they are throwing in a third party that is so corrupted. I hope you democrats are thinking this through. When you are voting? We have a choice, because we are Americans. One more thing to think about, welfare is not your employer. So go to work. I’m tired of paying for your food stamps! You have more food then the working middle class Americans……..

    The Government makes it too easy for those that don’t want to work. The Government has built new homes for them, while the working Americans have to work two jobs to even live in a descent home, which is not new. The problem is that the government should help the working class that is in a low income. So, we don’t have to work our selves to death. Like working anywhere from 60 t0 80 hours a week just to make it. The Government is helping in the wrong way then in the right way. Don’t you agree?

    Now we have Bernie Sanders, which is boring!………………..DON’T STOP VOTING FOR TRUMP..

    2. Then you will see how close and upfront, and out spoken Trump is (who is one of us). A business man who knows how to invest his money, which we the people in America need right?

    3. The truth hurts and we try to ignore it, that is why Trump is upfront and out spoken and lets us know the truth of what is going on with America now.

    4. He wants we the people and himself to make America great again.

    5. Look at all the illegal aliens we have here now. All the terror that has happened here in America. Do we really want this to keep going? I say Hell No! Plus, the Government is giving them a government funding, which is the working class Americans that is paying for this. The Government is taking our working class taxes to fund the illegal aliens. This is suppose to be for the working classes’ money to be put back for our Social Security when we turn 65. They are telling us that they are taking away a little bit at a time. Saying that they are taking little bits and pieces away from the medicaid and medicare, which is hurting the elderly that are retired. Do you think this is fair to the retired Americans? I say HELL NO!

    6. Jobs are getting very hard to find and some of the employers are hiring illegal aliens at a low price per hour and they are taking our jobs away from us. Do you still want that to go on? Hell no!

    7. We have elderly standing in food pantry lines and some are homeless. If this keeps up, where are we all going to be in 5 years?

    8. We need Trump to bring jobs back to America. What he tells is the truth and we the people need to stand up and vote for Trump. So we the people and Trump can make America Great Again.don’t stop voting for trump…………….trump all the way…


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