Kevin O’Leary Tells Mark Cuban Why Trump is Going to be the Next President!

Kevin O'Leary

Kevin O’Leary Tells Mark Cuban Why Trump is Going to be the Next President!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

Perhaps Mark Cuban should listen to his investor and co-host of the reality show, Shark Tank, Kevin O’Leary! ‘Shark Tank’ investor Kevin O’Leary, shares the best advice he’s ever received and reveals why honest business people are backing Donald Trump. 

One of Kevin O’Leary’s first business partners taught him a lesson that became so crucial to his success that he’s taught it to every entrepreneur he’s mentored.

O’Leary, an investor on the hit show “Shark Tank,” briefly worked at Nabisco after receiving his MBA in 1980, but decided to build his own television production company, Special Event Television. There was a point when there was “a huge problem” with the business and his partner and co-founder Gerry Patterson, a former sports agent, told him he needed to focus.

O’Leary tells Business Insider that Patterson said:

“Listen, Kevin. Every day, poo is gonna hit the fan. Stuff is gonna happen, and it’s gonna be bad. You just don’t know when or how bad it’s gonna be. But you have to put shutters on, set a goal, don’t listen to the noise, and just go forward. All of that Noise is a distraction, and if you let it distract you, you’ll fail.”

What O’Leary has done in Business

Years later, in 1998, O’Leary was president of The Learning Company and moving forward with a hostile takeover of its rival software company, Broderbund. As he and his partners waited for approval of the $416 million deal from regulators and shareholders, O’Leary says that he found the New York Times and Wall Street Journal were critical of the deal and “digging up all the dirt” they could about him personally.

Patterson had died by then, but O’Leary says his former business partner’s voice rang in his ears as critics questioned his acumen: “Listen. Don’t crack. It’s all Noise.”

The deal went through and O’Leary went to clear house at Broderbund, which came under his company’s control. “I remember flying out west to the board and going in there after all those guys had been so difficult to work with and firing all of them,” he says. “Not that revenge is sweet, it’s just if you stay focused, you’re a very powerful force.”

That deal made The Learning Company attractive to Mattel, and the toy company bought it the next year for $4.2 billion at the height of the dot-com bubble. Mattel’s timing was disastrous, but O’Leary left with a $5 million severance package by the end of the year.

Since then, O’Leary has built up several ventures, most recognizable as an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank.” He has 32 companies in his portfolio now, and he says he’s taught them all the lesson he learned from his late friend Gerry, which helped him both when he was just starting and when he was making one of the biggest deals of his life.

Since then, I tell all the entrepreneurs I mentor that story and explain to them, “I swear to you it’s going to be very hard. Business is hell on earth. But if you can stay focused and remember Gerry’s words, you’ll win. You’ll beat those battles.”

And it’s these battles that make you want to be an entrepreneur, O’Leary says. “That’s the whole reason you do it. You want to win.”

July 25, 2016, Kevin O’Leary explains to a Business Owners Exchange crowd, why he thinks Donald Trump is going to get elected as President of the United States.

He starts with, look at every one of his kids, from multiple marriages, those are Really Good Kids! They work hard, they are not entitled, they fear and respect their father, really smart, they do great things, they are quite, and not assumptive, I look at them, and if I could project a guy from his kids, I look at that, the rest is just Noise.

O’Leary continues with, I’ll give you a Poll, I’ve got 32 companies, with companies in different states, I don’t have one CEO voting for Hillary, in any of those companies, not one! Because they are actually trying to live the American dream, fighting regulations, fighting the government, pissed off as hell in the last 8yrs. They are the essence of what makes America great, they are the people hiring they’re the ones trying to build businesses, and they’re Pissed!

I think what’s gonna happen here, this is my own opinion. What I think is gonna happen is, there’s a great tradition in America that I really love, and it’s ,”Let’s Throw the Bums Out”. It is gonna happen, I swear to you he’s gonna be the Next President!

What I like about this is, no estate tax, 15% corporate tax, 25% personal tax, if he can get that done, and maybe he can, that’s good for all of us. Nothing pisses me off more than giving my money, to the government, that I Know wastes a third of it! That’s it when you pay taxes, one-third of it is pissed away by people who don’t care!

O’Leary concludes with:

When I explained to my son, estate tax, he goes, wow, what’s his name, referring to Donald Trump, so he can cast his vote, lol.


Lower Limit Upper Limit Initial Taxation

$0 $10,000 of the amount 18%

Total Taxes owed $0

$10,000 $20,000 the excess of 20%

Total Taxes owed $1,800

$20,000 $40,000 the excess of 22%

Total Taxes owed $3,800

$40,000 $60,000 the excess of 24%

Total Taxes owed $8,200

$60,000 $80,000 the excess of 26%

Total Taxes owed $13,000

$80,000 $100,000 the excess of 28%

Total Taxes owed $18,200

$100,000 $150,000 the excess of 30%

Total Taxes owed $23,800

$150,000 $250,000 the excess of 32%

Total Taxes owed $38,800

$250,000 $500,000 the excess of 34%

Total Taxes owed $70,800

$500,000 $750,000 the excess of 37%

Total Taxes owed $155,800

$750,000 $1,000,000 the excess of 39%

Total Taxes owed $248,300

$1,000,000 and over the excess of 40%

Total Taxes owed $345,800

So think twice about this estate tax, Trump is 100% correct again! Why should your estate be taxed an estate tax, when you die? This just means everything you have worked so hard for, in hopes to leave security, for your spouse or children, is going to have to cough up a big sum to the government! This money has already been taxed when earned, then taxed through multiple personal, property, corporate, school, and government taxing! Why is this even a law?

Did you see those numbers? If you die, and leave behind an estate worth $100,000 to $150,000, your beneficiary will end up giving 30% to the Government! That Totals $23,800! That’s a lot of money, to give to a government, that gives it to other country’s, Especially when the entire estate is $100,000-$150,000 (which is not extreme wealth by any measure).

With this unconstitutional tax gone, business people will be able to invest that 30-40% of new businesses, henceforth more jobs, more employees, and more wealth in America! Think about it,

O’Leary just stated that 23 CEOs are NOT voting for Hillary, this while he was addressing the Business Owners Exchange! ((This is Hugh! Quoting soon to be President Trump (Pun intended)). Trump is one of the most brilliant businessmen, there is in the world! And whether you believe it or not, America is a Business! And we need to be successful again, to Make America Great Again!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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