President Trump needs America First Officials like (R) John Blanton, Ky

John Blanton

America needs changes from the ground up!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

What do Americans need to do to help restore our country to greatness? Start from the ground up!  We need elected officials who will work with President Trump, not against him. Like former law enforcement officer John Blanton. We are taking this country back and saving the world. John is not a career politician and will work hand in hand with Mr. Trump to save the coal industry and bring job back to Kentucky.

Time to rid our nation of government officials that do not hold the same American values, that America was built upon. If we want change, real change, we have to vote out the bad, unresponsive to our needs candidates, and vote in the new, candidates that have America and Americans best interests at heart. American values and morals must be brought back to our citizens, and most importantly our government officials.

Not just our presidential offices, but just as important our local and state officials need an overhaul.

Kentucky has an opportunity to do just that! Out with the old,” not working for you” officials, and usher in new respectable leadership we can count on.

John Blanton running for Kentucky State Representative, is one example of the change we need.

John Blanton has a long and decorated history serving with the Kentucky State Police (KSP). John’s spirit for service extends to local community leadership, and he is a member on the Magoffin County Agriculture Development Board, Magoffin County Extension Board and Kentucky Beef Council Committee. He is married to Benita Lyon Blanton, an elementary school guidance counselor, and they have two daughters.

John Blanton has been physically involved in his community for decades, and now is running for Kentucky State Representative, against a recurring candidate, that has held the seat for years and done nothing to help Coal Country.

Blanton’s homepage statement says a lot about the man; Our communities deserve political leaders who will fight for our needs, not fall in line with the status quo. I am not a yes man. I understand the hopes and fears of the families in my district. I want you to know that I will fight for your prosperity, not for the prosperity of politicians in Frankfort.

John Blanton’s stance on the issues is exactly what Kentucky, and our nation, needs. See full details at

John Blanton – Kentucky; On the issues,,,

1 – Promote policies that Create Jobs for our People.

2 – Support Coal Jobs and Keep Money in Eastern Kentucky.

3 – Fight for Better Education and Protection for our Teacher.

4 – Upholding Clean Water.

5 – Fight Drug Abuse & Promote Healthy Living.

6 – Battling Floodwaters and Working towards Infrastructural Improvements.

7 – Promoting Tourism.

8 – Fight for our Religious Freedoms.

9 – Protect the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

Mr. Blanton’s stance is directly inline with what Donald Trump is fighting for, America!

John Blanton meets with Mr Trump

Mr Blanton met with Mr Trump, while Trump made a visit to Kentucky. They discussed the devastation that has hit Kentucky hard since Obama and Hillary’s war on coal. Mr Trump, like Mr Blanton, are eager to get Kentucky’s coal industry back on its feet, not just propping it up, like the careless crutches of our current administration.

Donald Trump knows the importance of Kentucky’s coal miners, truck drivers, and coal industry. Trump will fight for Kentucky, and John Blanton will fight right along side him.

Blanton states, In office, I will support legislation that protects coal mining in Kentucky. The war on coal that federal politicians continue to push for will result in serious loss of jobs for our district. Unlike other resources, coal provides many jobs and is a stable source of America-made energy. By shrinking this industry, we would need to increase cost of electricity. Increasing costs of electricity have been proven to disproportionately affect the poor and those on fixed incomes.

Like Donald Trump, John Blanton is fighting a life long politician, that has done little to no help, on the issues that face the office he holds. Its past time to replace these politicians and political figures, that are only worried about the money, title, or power of position they hold.

Americans need, and want so desperately, to bring our nation together, to strengthen our policies, to make America great again. We can do that! But first we must help usher out the, unworthy politicians, and usher in the new, people’s choice politicians.

Trump can and will put America on top once again, but he can’t do it alone. He will need the public officials, Governors, Senators, State Representatives, Congressman, all levels, that he will be working closely with, to stand behind him, to help him, to give as much as he can, to put America back on the right track.

This change has to start from the ground up! Trump can not fight this disaster, that the current administration and lower level officials have made of America. So we must keep in mind that the 2016 election is important from bottom to top.

If Americans don’t vote in new responsible politicians, and evict the, same old same old, I scratch your back you scratch mine, corrupt and dormant career politicians, we will never win this battle for America!

John Blanton is exactly what Kentucky and America needs! We need to take this country back from the ground up!

Just as much as America needs Donald Trump!

If we ban together and make these changes for our future, our children’s future, and our generations to come, we can make a difference. Every vote counts!

Its past time Americans stand together and make the changes needed from the local levels, to the state levels, and definitely Washington level. Time to shake things up and take our country back!

Please do your part November 8th and vote!

Vote the old out and the new in. Be informed about all election races, and make the choice to restore America to Greatness! We can do this! America First.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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