It’s not over till the fat lady sings, Nov. 8th (Re-visited)

fat lady sings

The fat lady sings on November 8th and the dishonest press and Hillary will lose

by Mike Dukes  editor Trumpville Report

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2/20/17 – editor note: Coming from behind, he dives, he slides, he’s in! Trump is the President of the United States. Remember the mood of the Nation just prior to Nov. 8th, 2016.

The groundswell of Trump Support hasn’t diminished as you are being told by the dishonest media. Their Propaganda is making my head hurt and is pathetic. I choose to turn off the media and watch Netflix, YouTube, and browse Facebook for my news. I refuse to be influenced by propaganda and will wait until the fat lady sings on election day. It ain’t over till it’s over. Do not lose faith or hope.  

The movement Trump started is growing in every nick and cranny, the press wants you to believe otherwise. Our hearts want the things Mr. Trump talks to us about to become law and me along with millions of Americans, believe his plans will bring prosperity to ALL AMERICANS beyond our imagination. 

Donald Trump’s tax plans, reducing everyone’s taxes, allowing you to keep and spend more of your money, and deregulation of businesses will bring prosperity to ALL Americans. Real, affordable healthcare is right around the corner with Mr. Trump. I along with our black brothers and sisters would welcome new growth and better jobs and education for our inner cities. Democrats have been in charge of most of the inner cities for 100 years and have legislated family values and other opportunities for blacks out of existence. Time for Change that will benefit average Americans, black and white, Hispanics, Asians and everyone. When you overtax the job creating wealthy, Democrats use the money to keep job seekers on the plantation rather that letting them succeed and this has been their plan ever since the Civil War. Republicans helped free the slave population, then the Democrats just figured out another way to keep them on the plantation, by making them dependent.

It is no secret that the Globalists are hard at work to enslave this planet. Barrack Obama was the starter-upper. Hillary will be the finisher. Change is coming, after the fat lady sings on Nov. 8th! A vote for Hillary will ensure this list below will happen.

Choose America over Globalism – What does this mean to the average American?

Under Globalism

1. Your civil rights will become diminished or withdrawn completely over time.

2. Your religious Freedom will be diminished or withdrawn over time.

3, Your children will be educated and influenced by Liberal Teachers (already in effect)

4. Food will be rationed.

5. Healthcare will be rationed.

6. Age limite Population control will become normal. (Become useless, you die.)

7. Population control will become normal. (already in effect)

8. Government control new. (already in effect)

9. No guns in the hands of citizens.

10. No borders,

11. No patriotism

12. Under One World Dictatorship.

13. Abolish our police and install a World Police org.

14. Abolish our Armed Forces, and become subservient to the United Nations control.

15. The “Mark of the Beast”.

16. Common sense and decent will be silenced. (already in effect)

17. Elitist will rule over us, like the in middle ages. (already in effect)

18. Public executions will be the norm.

19. Stop individual ownership of anything, homes vehicles and businesses will now belong to the collective government.

20. Our streets will be overrun by Muslims and crime. (With no police and no guns you better be a good fighter.)

21. Judges will all be liberal, no justice. (already in effect, in some areas)

22. Protest and decent will be met by bullets

I could go on and on but you get the picture. History has proven this list to be true. Just when America has almost perfected true rights for all, we will slip back into the ugly bliss of blackness, and the Dark Ages. If that’s what you want, vote for Hillary Clinton, you’ll get it. If you want to Save America vote for Donald Trump. Simple as that.

Don’t Give Up before the Fat Lady Sings! It ain’t over till it’s over! and it ain’t over yet!

Donald Trump is America’s last hope because this election will most likely be the Last Election should the Evil Empire and Hillary Clinton wins. God Save Us All.

They have attacked Mr. Trump from every angle. He is not who they say he is. Donald Trump is not a perfect man, but he will love us ALL and work to destroy the evil and injustices of the One World Government, once and for all! You can believe that!

So turn off your TVs and find something else to do, and Vote Nov 8th and let the fat lady sing, “God Bless America.”

“It’s not over till the fat lady sings”,
by Mike Dukes  editor Trumpville Report

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