Independent Poll – Trump leads Hillary by 60%

Trump leads Hillary by 60%

Trump leads Hillary by 60% at the very least

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report; Video by  William Mount

editor:  Now that President Trump is calling for a complete investigation and modification, if needed, of the Voting Laws. We will find out the Truth proving The Trumpville Report has been reporting all along was right. We are not Fake News.

All Independent polls tell a story that the media doesn’t want you to hear. The National polls are rubbish and designed to keep Trump behind, and the people need to know the truth!

Bernie had 80% of the vote but was shown at 10%. Bernie got screwed. They are trying to do that with Donald Trump, but Mr Trump won’t stand for it. And he knows how to beat Hillary. No man has ever been vetted to the extent the Donald has. Any small thing gets reported as a negative. The left is desperate and it shows.

Of course the real Poll is in November and no amount of propping up can save HRC from being totally embarrassed. This could be the biggest order of LANDSLIDE ever served up on an American Presidential opponent. As Trump leads Hillary by 60% already with the debates to go. 

Wait till Mr Trump gets her on stage in the Debates. Because of Hillary’s condition and her drug use. Her campaign wants the Debate held and televised during two NFL Games. I feel sorry for the Games because everyone will be watching the debate. Oh yea, Maybe her followers won’t watch, and that’s what she’s counting on. She’s counting on her supporters not seeing the debates. That’s not going to work, because we have the Internet. The debate will be played over and over. Now when she faces Trump, we’ll see just how smart she really is, but right now Trump leads Hillary by 60%.

Until now Hillary has had the benefit of tons of Big Cat donor support. The bought and paid for media carrying her water, so to speak, and the attacks by some bought and paid for Newspapers. They have gone out of their way financially to trash Donald Trump. not because he’s a bad guy, but because he will eliminate corruption and Mr Trump will most likely put Hillary, Bill and Chelsea in jail for the fraudulent Clinton Foundation.

With all the money she’s spent trashing Mr Trump, she’s still going no where. She’s a few points ahead in the rigged polls. When the money dries up she will fall like a rock. This election already shows Trump with a 60 point lead in Independent polling. Mr. Trump owns social media, his rallies are packed, and no one shows up to Hillary’s rallies. She’s going to lose Big Time. It’s going to be a LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR TRUMP.

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Report; Video by  William Mount

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