I’m voting for Mr Trump – Perspective of a working mother

I'm voting for Mr Trump

The Election Perspective of a working mother

by Amanda Wiley Contributing writer for the Trumpville Report

I’m voting for Mr Trump — A lot of people don’t like the idea of Wikileaks, but I personally praise the group for bringing the issues behind closed doors in Washington DC to light for the public. Since this election started it’s been a drama festival from the start. I already knew a lot about Hillary Clinton before the election started, but following this election and every source of news, I’ve learned a bunch more. Before the election I knew she was corrupt, my whole life I’ve heard nothing but about the scandals she has been involved in since my birth in 1982. I’m not saying that all ideas of Hillary Clinton are bad but a major majority of those “accomplishments” as she calls them have been disastrous. Since the election of 2016 has begun I’ve learned so much more about Hillary Clinton. Most of it I already suspected but the rest of the newly learned information makes the picture more clearly. That’s why I’m voting for Mr Trump.

The election In A Nutshell

So here’s the sum of it, in a nutshell, Hillary is corrupt. She always has been and people don’t change, she will always be corrupt and a career politician. Hillary Clinton is a puppet to George Soros. George Soros is a behind the scene influence to the problems in America. George Soros donates so much money to news medias that they will not report the truth for the fear of their funds being cut off. Hillary Clinton is also under that same hat, George Soros has funded the Clinton campaign to the point that Hillary isn’t following her heart and doing the right things. She is a puppet and does exactly what she is required to do to keep the money rolling in and out of her foundation and her campaign. Hillary Clinton and her campaign leader claim Wikileaks documents are stolen, well no matter how you look at it I feel this organization has done us all justice by shining a light behind those closed doors in Washington DC. I have to agree that the media is bias but they are puppets of George Soros too! So you can say what you wish about Donald Trump, but I believe him when he says elections are rigged and Hillary is corrupt, I believe him when he says illegal immigration is a problem in the United States. I see it! Even though I’m just another working mother in that big basket of deplorables, I am not stupid and thanks to the first amendment of the United States, I;ll take liberty and my right to free speech. When Donald trump says the Obama administration has destroyed our country I believe him! I lost my health insurance due to Obamacare causing my health premium doubling and not being able to afford the new rising cost. I agree that the health care system needs help. With zero insurance and a medical emergency with my child left me owing a $30,000 medical bill for my 3-year-old, I got penalized on taxes for not having health insurance that added to my Financial crisis. I’m middle-class salary worker who’s had the same job for 12 years. I’m losing my salary pay thanks to Obama’s new idea of changing overtime rates for salary employees. It didn’t help the middle class, they left a loophole and now I’m being forced to go to hourly pay. Donald Trump is aware of the crisis in the middle class. I’m not what you would call poor but I’m definitely far from being rich. Hillary preaches she’s about helping the low-income people, I agree with that but there comes a point when you force some of those people you’re helping to help themselves. Donald Trump knows that! When I gave birth to my daughter I was overly lucky to have worked for the company that I work for because without them paying my salary during pregnancy complications I would not have had a home to bring my child from the hospital to. Donald Trump knows now all companies are as generous and not all expecting women have luck I had, Donald Trump will change family medical leave act from being unpaid leave to paid leave! Women need this!

I’m voting for Mr Trump

Don’t sit here and tell me that Donald Trump doesn’t respect women, don’t try to use a recording of a private conversation to put words in my mouth, I support him and yes I agree men talk their “locker room talk” and so do women as well!

Don’t tell me he’s racist when he refers to some immigrants as being violent along with saying that’s some are good people. There good and bad in everyone and Donald trump is not the one who threw me, my friends and family into a basket and called us deplorables! That’s judgmental and shouldn’t the American public have gotten a better apology. Just because I call one person a “nasty woman” does not mean I label all women as being nasty. I once again agree with Donald Trump, the swamp in Washington needs to be drained. Don’t come at me and tell me how coal is in decline when other countries are burning coal and making us look like morons. Hillary Clinton did exactly what she said when she said she would shut a lot of the coal industry down. She did it, now the unemployment rate is high and the poverty that’s been discussed in eastern Kentucky and children of the Appalachian is soaring. They shut down our coal power saying “clean air” Don’t you think the coal being burned in western part of the world isn’t affecting us too and we’re just a small percentage of the world’s population. America can’t save the whole world, let’s put our coal miners back to business, let’s get control of what’s happening to our economy before it’s worse than it already is. Donald trump wants coal back booming! I’m voting for Mr Trump!

I agree with Donald Trump on so many issues that if his supporters are deplorable then I guess I’m at the top of the list. Hillary Clinton wants to say I’m deplorable because I don’t have a college education, not my fault the rules for applying for financial aid is biased and won’t go on the individual who’s applying income. Make it more accessible and you’ll get more people attending and might lower the cost of tuition. Donald trump supports that. If that is what would have helped me during that time in my life then I feel confident that his idea will work. While we are on the topic of cost of education let me share my disgust for the middle class who’s children do not qualify for headstart program because the income limit is set for people who don’t have a job at all. I’m paying $370 per month to send my child to school! I have to pack my child’s lunch daily because her school does not have enough attendance to qualify for the school lunch program. If I was paying for her to go to college then her schooling costs would be considered a tax deduction. This is just another burden on the middle class! I could not worry about my child’s education and throw her in child care and ever dime I spent is tax deductible. So you see, the system is not designed to give the middle class a break! Donald Trump knows this and this why he’s addressing similar issues to this in his child care plan. I’m voting for Mr. Trump!

It burns my soul when I hear Hillary Clinton and her campaign say they are for us the average people and our soldiers. If you’re for the people then why not stop donating money to foreign countries and taking bribes for their donations and help the people in the United States. The most disheartening situation was when I’m trying to explain to my 16 year old stepdaughter why there are tents lining the sidewalks in SAN Francisco of homeless people in need of help while our news outlets and the Clinton campaign are going on about bringing more refugees and giving those refugees housing and assistance from the government, when we have people living on our streets already. To add a little flame on the fire I was in SAN Francisco on vacation over 3000 miles from home. Why do you ask? I went because I wanted to see the beauty of our land before terrorists blow it up and kill our people if Hillary wins the election. Donald Trump wants to stop the refugees he understands the crisis we have on our own soil and while Hillary Clinton is funding the countries behind isis, the Obama administration created it and George Soros is controlling it. Donald trump knows Americans problems and has the plan to fix it “DRAIN THE SWAMP! Stop the politicians from robbing our social security and retirement plans, stop them from lining their pockets with the middle classes hard earn money and give thanks to organizations like Wikileaks for giving us the private view of the Hillary Clinton campaign because all the media will only tell us is her public view. I’m voting for Mr. Trump!

I respect and honor my country and the men and women who fought for my freedom and those very people that we owe such respect and generosity for their courageous acts of defending our country. It makes my stomach turn to see how our veterans are being treated and to watch the riots and burning of the American flag! Donald Trump has definitely got one thing right, we need to make America great again and Donald Trump is more of an answer than Hillary Clinton is. Please say a prayer for our land on November 8th, make sure you vote and hope we can wake up knowing we have Donald Trump a president who actually cares about us the Americans when the election is over. I’m voting for Mr Trump!

by Amanda Wiley Contributing writer for the Trumpville Report

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