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Donald Trump supporters

Who are Trump supporters ?

Donald Trump supporters, (author unknown)

We hate Liberal Ideology
We want Obama care Repealed
Hillary belongs in Prison.
We are sick of political correction.
We are Fed-Up with corruption in D.C.
We want a wall on our border,
We want jobs back from overseas
We want a strong military again
We are tired of illegal immigrants
We like the fact that Mr. Trump is self funded and owes no favors
We want ISIS eliminated, not contained.
and We want our Vets taken care of.
We want Social Security fixed.

Donald Trump supporters last thoughts

last thoughts by Mike Dukes editor Trumpville Report

From Donald Trump supporter’s point of view, the future of Christianity is at stake this November. Christians must stand united against unbelieving Globalism. Globalism offers pie in the sky and all you have to do is submit your freedoms, it sells you short, lies to you, and forces you to like it. One World Government Globalism is voluntary slavery for what the elite say is for the good of all! What would the government make up look like. Who would rule the World. Guess you are familiar with NATO? These countries already have an army made up with troops from carius countries. Hillary Clinton fits the NWO leadership role. A dim future for America and the World, brought to you from the elite socialist New World Order or Globalist people. No Mr Trump, no freedom. 

America is a power house waiting for the floodgates of prosperity to be opened, Removing the obstacles that hold us back.  Yes we have a choice in November. Our choice to to elect a woman who will lead this world into the new World Order and straight to hell, or to elect the Donald who loves America and offers us the hope of a revitalized American Dream.

It’s time to stand up now as an American Patriots to say no to Globalism and all it brings. If you have learned anything about Globalism you will recognize the recent unrest in Europe and the finale break up of the EU. People in the UK have experienced a closely related trial of Globalism and rejected it. The elite were surprised. The ‘Stay’ group’s propaganda didn’t work and the ‘leaves’ heard it everyday, all day. But they saw through the propaganda over and over and clung to their beliefs, to their honor. As people get smarter propaganda works less and less. Mybe America is waking up?

The Globalist are gathering against Mr Trump with a savage twist. Everything is on the table for them to use. Lies, misdirection, cheating, fixing, arranging riots. and false polling. Trying to make something our of nothing and in some cases they made up the bad parts. The press is dishonest in most cases.

Donald Trump supporters see the tide turning in his favor

The tide will soon turn in Mr Trumps favor. Trumps is closing the gap on Hillary in the latest polls.  Whe Mr Trump starts to roll it will be a Trump tsunami, a tidal wave coming. It’s the Last Trump Train to Trumpville DC. It’s the Trump Bunch, it 50 States for Trump, and Republicans, conservatives, disenchanted Democrats, black voters, young voters, Hispanics voters for a better America. Those who need better jobs support Mr Trump, those who want to or need to retire, those that want a free country with less government regulations. Those that want a better safety net. Those that want to be safe and well off again. If you want a better life, a better world to live in and be free, then learn about the Donald, and realize he’s our only chance at staying free.

New World Order means redistributing the world’s wealth

We are in a constant state of “redistribution of wealth”, and don’t realize it. They brag about the lame economy and how we are so much better off. We have been subsidising other countries with our treasure and trade. Handing out borrowed money and purposely engaging in unequal trade deals. Slowly taking our jobs and hollowing out America to bring up the poorest neighbor countries. “We are done with Nation Building”, says Mr Trump. As long as they are a peaceful nation we can help them but not with free gifts of our treasure. America First, then we help our neighbors with education. It will spark a new growth as countries dig themselves out of trouble and learn to live within their means. All countries won’t make it. But with a good basic education they can make better decisions.

Trump is winning the “War on Women”

Trump has accomplished victories on the War On Women. While others talk about how to do it, Mr Trump is already doing it. He can teach America to do it too. Mr Trump has no sexual preference when it comes to heading up a job or project. He treats men and women like equally, that’s what women want right? Gender doesn’t seem to a factor his decision. That should ease the mind of women in all corners of the America. Mr Trump will do more for women than Hillary has done to enslave them for votes by teaching men to new ways of doing business, the old fashioned way. Puting the consumer first, using competent employee of any gender. Demanding quality as shoppers reward good innovative products make in the USA.

Donald Trump supporters see all these good traits in a man that is sacrificing to rescue America. Join us and learn about the real Donald Trump, and how he plans to put America First.

last thoughts by Mike Dukes editor TvR

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