SHOCKING: Some Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump

Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump

SHOCKING : Hollywood Dem Turns on Hillary AT DNC… Issues Stunning Trump Statement as Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed, Senior Columnist Trumpville Report

editor:  If it were up to me and millions of others we would stand behind President Trump and ask all theaters to ban movies and previews with any star in it that will not publically support Mr. Trump. Also not to accept any movies from studios promoting HATE against President Trump. I am asking for a boycott on any theater showing movies or previews for these un-American so called Stars and the studios that produce them. Agree or disagree, it’s just what I have decided. WOuldn’t this be great for America? 

Some Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump after Bernie is out. The Washington Times reported that one former supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders even went so far as to say that Clinton would be “more dangerous” than Trump if she were elected. Susan Sarandon, a Hollywood actress who stated that Clinton has been reckless with her foreign policy and could lead to war. “I believe in a way she is more dangerous,” Sarandon said in an interview with the liberal outlet “The Young Turks.” “They’re both talking to Henry Kissinger, apparently … She did not learn from Iraq, and she is an interventionist, and she has done horrible things — and very callously. I don’t know if she is over compensating or what her trip is. That scares me. I think we’ll be in Iran in two seconds.”

Sarandon’s opposition to Clinton mainly came from her, presumably, being against warfare. However she did make some excellent points about Clinton’s shady record.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had hoped that the Democrat National Convention this week would be a time for the Democrat Party to unify around her and present a solid wall of opposition to Donald Trump.

Instead, the fractures in the party have

become painfully clear as many from the most liberal wing of the party have resisted Clinton’s coronation in any way they can.

“There are just as many celebrities backing Bernie Sanders [as there is backing Clinton],” actor Jonathan Sadowski says .

It used to be that you couldn’t find too many Hollywood celebrities who were willing to go on the record as Bernie Sanders supporters. Even as Hillary Clinton’s numbers were sliding amid news reports that she

used a private email server during her years as secretary of state, Hollywood remained squarely in Clinton’s camp.

But these days more and more A-list names are publicly coming out in support of the Vermont senator, something unfathomable just a few months ago.

“I witnessed 20,000 people screaming for this guy at the L.A. Sports Arena and he wasn’t even wearing leather pants,” The Doors drummer John Densmore said. “Here was a 73-year-old disheveled Vermont independent senator packing up a stadium. I knew something was happening.”

Densmore was so impressed, he recently turned the first U.S. public screening of his film about corporate greed, “Window of Opportunity,” into a Sanders fundraiser.

“Bernie kept the donations to $15, which is the way he does it,” Densmore said. “We got 500 people and they responded very strongly.”

Sanders got a noteworthy endorsement from one of Hollywood’s biggest stars when actor Ryan Gosling tweeted out a link to a video showing Sanders speaking about racism.

For my birthday… Could you do me a solid and pass this around?

— Ryan Gosling (@RyanGosling) November 12, 2015

Gosling’s shout-out was retweeted more than 4,600 times with another 5,000 people hitting the like button.

Those who support Sanders say he seems to have struck a chord with Hollywood millennials, attracted to his progressive ideology and increasingly frustrated with Washington gridlock and growing income inequality.

“Hillary is a formidable and smart candidate and she definitely enjoys the support of older people in Hollywood,” said “Mom” star and Sanders fundraiser Mimi Kennedy. “But Bernie speaks to the younger generation of actors. They wanted Bernie.”

A quick look through Sanders’ list of Hollywood backers suggests Kennedy may have a point. “X-Men: The Last Stand” star Ben Foster and his actor-musician brother Jon were both #FeelingtheBern.

So was Zoë Kravitz, daughter of music legend Lenny Kravitz. Fun drummer Will Noon, actor and singer-songwriter Brendan Hines, Justin Long, Nikki Reed, “Supergirl” star Mehcad Brooks, “Hangover” star Justin Bartha and Ezra Miller — all in their 20s and 30s — have thrown their support behind the Vermont senator.

The senator’s roster also included an eclectic mix of musicians and DJs, most of whom are unfamiliar to anyone over the age of 40.

But while many of Sanders’ younger followers added valuable hipster cred to the 74-year-old’s campaign — not to mention a healthy social media following . To be fair, Sanders has more than a few A-list Hollywood veterans with deep pockets in his corner, including Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo, Danny DeVito, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, rapper Killer Mike, Margaret Cho, Susan Sarandon and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak.

Comedian Sarah Silverman, one of the first to jump on the Sanders bandwagon, introduced the presidential hopeful before a crowd of 27,000 people at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in August, while “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane introduced him during another fundraiser in Hollywood in October, along with a ringing endorsement.

“Doesn’t it seem that things have swung so far in one direction that just a bit of Democratic Socialism maybe is not the worst idea?” McFarland said about Sanders.

Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump

But A- listers of Hollywood donors are not as enthusiastic about Hillary .

During a Hollywood rally , Sanders raised $134,000 coming from Hollywood.

Still, Sanders’ Hollywood supporters say he boasts something Hillary doesn’t: grass-roots enthusiasm.

About 301,154 women donated to the Sanders campaign, as of the last reporting period at the end of September, according to his campaign. That’s compared to the 240,000 women who have given money to Clinton since she launched her campaign.


Now that Bernie is gone, some Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump. “More and more people in Hollywood have realized that Bernie Sanders is speaking about what people want in this country,” actor Jonathan Sadowski (“Young and Hungry”) said. “There are just as many celebrities backing Bernie Sanders [as there is backing Clinton]. If you look on his website you’ll find a list of those who’ve publicly endorsed him and it’s a rather extensive list with some big hitters.”

Sadowski says that’s because Sanders speaks from the heart and is not in it for personal gain.

“He’s a person who’s really trying to bring change to the country. He’s not taking any corporate money.”

About 47% of the Democrats polled said Sanders would best handle the economy, while 42 percent said they believed Clinton would.

“He had a very good shot,” Sadowski said.

But now with Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee, many A-listers from Sanders Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump and climbed aboard the Trump Train! They are unwilling to support Sanders rival Hillary Clinton regardless if Bernie himself has bowed down and threw his supporters under the bus , by supporting Hillary himself !

And now his supporters find themselves without a candidate . This is why polls show 54% of Sanders supporters including Hollywood Superstars turn to Trump! To the White house Mr Trump.

Trump/ Pence Americans Ticket 2016

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed, Senior Columnist Trumpville Report

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