Hillary’s Right-Hand, Huma Abedin: “Muslim Brotherhood “Princess”

Huma Abedin

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Hillary’s Right-Hand Woman, Huma Abedin: Muslim Brotherhood “Princess”

Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

When considering anyone for the office of President, regardless of that person’s party affiliation or political opinions, it’s prudent to examine them both professionally and personally in order to vet their fitness for the job. This is usually an examination of competence: we want to make sure that, given their best effort; they have what it takes to be a good Commander-in-Chief and bring prosperity to the nation. Rarely, however, the character of a candidate compels us not only to wonder whether they are capable of benefiting America, but sadly, to worry whether they even want to. We have to look past competence, and evaluate motive. Essentially, we must consider whether, aside from their qualifications, they are consciously out to harm the United States.

An important measure of a person’s character is in the associations they choose to make, and in the case of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, we see a number of highly questionable associations. One of these is certainly Clinton’s friendship with Mrs Abedin, the current Vice Chairwoman of her presidential campaign and her longtime Deputy Chief of Staff. All in all, Clinton has worked with this woman for almost 20 years. Unfortunately, Huma Abedin is something of a shady character.Mra,

Abedin has been called the “Muslim Brotherhood Princess”, due to her ties with that infamous terror group. These ties extend all the way back to her parents. Her late father, for instance, founded the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs, which her mother now runs. This institute is supported by the Muslim World League, a Mecca-based Islamic organization with Muslim Brotherhood connections. Abedin herself worked as Assistant Editor for the IMMA for 12 years.

She also sat on the executive board of the Muslim Student Association, which we now know to have been a Muslim Brotherhood front group. Then there is the case of Abdullah Omar Naseef, a Saudi man accused of funding various al Qaeda fronts, and with whom Abedin worked closely for a number of years. We too have Saleda Abedin, Huma’s mother, was a member of the Guidance Bureau of the Muslim Sisterhood alongside Nagla Ali Mahmoud, wife of former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi – a known figure in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Disturbingly, reports have even surfaced concerning Abedin in relation to Hillary Clinton’s now infamous email scandal. It seems that of a cache of e-mails tied to Abedin that were released to Congress at its request, fully one-third were completely redacted. Of these 250 blanked-out pages, some – as if to drive the point home – even had “Page Denied” boldly stamped across them. Apparently, whatever is in those e-mails is too sensitive not just for the American people, but even for their elected representatives to read. Judicial Watch reports that the e-mails had to do with preferential treatment received by donors to the Clinton Foundation, an entirely separate issue that also casts doubt on Hillary Clinton’s character, but as they are related to Abedin in at least some way, one must wonder whether they contain even more damning revelations about her past.

Huma Abedin is just one additional example of Hillary Clinton’s level of comfort around and association with Islamic extremism. Clinton’s message about Islam, shrouded in noble sentiments of tolerance and unity, all too often implicitly forgives the crimes of those few Muslims who live to do harm to the United States. And by indirectly covering for these monsters, we are forced to wonder whether Hillary Clinton in her presidential aspirations has hostile intentions towards America herself.

Nyles Notes: If we had an honest mainstream media today in America there would be a massive exodus from Washington the likes of which never imagined. We would have people leaving in droves. An honest media would give our law enforcement branch of both federal and civil government so much work they would have to more than double their staffs to manage the investigations and prosecutions of the criminals now operating around and within our government. It is quiet obvious to anyone with common sense and a small amount of intelligence who wishes to pay the least attention to the take over of our country by foreign powers and the mega wealthy. However the problems we are faced with today in losing our country is a complacent, apathetic and disinterested population who do not oppose a corrupt bias media and as such the criminals are permitted to operate at their leisure. Our government today is not only corrupt to it’s very core but it even extends to the highest office in the land. Can you imagine how things would be if we had a Watergate mentality today, hell regular programing on TV would almost be non-existent. Lets us not forget that the situation with Hillary is mild compared to Obama who has a Muslim, Valarie Jarrett, constantly at his side as chief advisor and several members of the Muslim Brotherhood serving as vital committee heads in the White House.

#2. Nyle notes: Fellow Patriots as I have outlined above we have a corrupt, bias main stream media and as a result we have millions of uninformed fellow citizens. The purpose of the Patriot Network is to educate, inform and motivate as many people as possible before November, are you doing your duty in this regard?

“Huma Abedin”, by Nyle Clay founder of the Patriots Network and Op-ed contributor

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