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Hillary's America

Watch, Hillary’s America Trailer, before they take it down !

Originally posted at Hollywood Reporter by Paul Bond.

The film Hillary’s America will premiere in Los Angeles on July 11, then in Cleveland on July 17, the day before the Republican convention opens. Dinesh D’Souza dropped his theatrical trailer for Hillary’s America online, and it could prove bad timing for the presidential candidate when it premieres soon on big screens at major exhibitors.

The Hillary’s America trailer refers to Bill and Hillary Clinton as “depraved crooks,” and Democrats as “the party of corruption.” It conflates American “progressivism” with “communism,” and it features Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, uttering her now-famous Benghazi question: “What difference at this point does it make?”

On the same day the trailer hit the internet, D’Souza tells The Hollywood Reporter that the MPAA has rated the film PG-13, exactly the rating he was aiming for. He had worried the ratings board would slap it with an R.

“There are gruesome scenes that reflect the Democratic party through the ages — slavery, lynchings, the KKK and forced sterilization,” D’Souza says of his upcoming film. That last topic, he says, refers to both the 1917 founding of Planned Parenthood and the 1927 Buck v. Bell Supreme Court decision allowing the state of Virginia the right to try to eliminate “defectives” from the gene pool.

“People sometimes think Democrats were only interested in economic control, but they want social control, too — of minority populations, of sexuality, eugenics,” says D’Souza. “There’s a very interesting secret history here.”

Hillary’s America also will delve into the Clinton money trail, so it could overlap slightly with Clinton Cash, a movie based on the best-selling book of the same name by Peter Schweizer.

While Clinton Cash will make its theatrical debut in hostile territory — a theater at next month’s Democratic convention — Hillary’s America will have a Los Angeles premiere on July 11, then another in Cleveland on July 17, the day before the Republican convention opens there.

See the new trailer for Hillary’s America below.
“Hillary’s America” Trailer | Official Theatrical Trailer HD watch below for a glimpse into the America Hillary Clinton wants for us. The complete and utter destruction of American values. Donald Trump is taking the heat from the dishonest media and the political elite for standing up for Americans and our values. We will not be enslaved. Support Donald Trump in the voting booth and Make America Great Again.

Dinesh D’Souza’s new film is Hillary’s America, due out nationwide this July. Watch the trailer for a glimpse into the secret history of the Democratic Party:

“Hillary’s America” Trailer | Official Teaser Trailer HD

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  1. This is absolutely perfect ! Killary is a evil lying crook that should be in prison , not running for president of the united states of America ! We should hand her over to Isis !


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