HILLARY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT -Verge of Nervous Breakdown? Stroke, Dementia

Hillary Unfit

HILLARY UNFIT TO BE PRESIDENT – On the Brink Of Nervous Breakdown?  Stroke, Dementia

Author unknown, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

Bizarre Hillary Behavior Caught on Camera

The internet is scratching its head after strange videos of Hillary Clinton surfaced online. Users of popular websites and after asking questions about Hillary Clinton’s health after she appears to have an epileptic seizure on camera. The video in question was recorded by.

It’s worth noting Hillary Clinton’s health has been on voter’s minds for a while now. Hillary is often seen having violent coughing fits on the campaign trail. Sometimes the coughing fits leave her unable to speak for minutes at a time.

During a speech in Harlem Tuesday, Hillary Clinton a massive coughing fit that went on for several minutes, prompting more speculation about the state of her health and fitness to run for President. Hillary was talking about white “privilege” and claiming that Americans have to overcome “seen and unseen” obstacles to get ahead in life, but could barely get her words out between coughing fits.

Is Hillary Unfit ?

The situation was cringe inducing as supporters in the crowd attempted to cover up the embarrassment by clapping and chanting “Hillary, Hillary…” while Clinton popped lozenges and sipped water.

This is now becoming a regular occurrence with Hillary. Because Hillary unfit for office due to health.

During a speech in Iowa last month, the exact same thing happened: The scenes of Hillary in this state, along with information from sources in the know have prompted to declare that Clinton’s health is deteriorating. Drudge and others have claimed that the coughing fits are related to an ongoing thyroid problem, and that the medication she is taking is also affecting Clinton’s public appearances.

After a fall and a concussion in 2014, reportedly related to a , it was also speculated that Clinton has heart problems which are causing fainting, and may even lead to a stroke. Clinton has denied that she has any medical conditions, telling a supporter last month that it’s part of the right-wing against her.

Hillary Unfit but tries to hide it

“Oh my. Well, you know, they say nearly anything about me… There are several themes they keep beating the drums on. I’ll match my endurance against anybody. And last spring, my doctor put out a letter as you know, said what great health.” Hillary said. Wow, this isn’t like getting a note from the doctor because you missed school.

The Washington Post declared Hillary Clinton doesn’t suffer from hypothyroidism — TGV Gerald Celente David Icke Endgame Alex Jones Exposed montagraph Jim Rogers even though her own doctor says she does! The medication Hillary Clinton has taken since 1998 to deal with her problems may have side effects that are hazardous to her health, according to medical literature. Trendy Trends Viral Video Footage Elite Power Control “Elite NWO Agenda”, “Breaking News” Clinton’s publicly available medical records show she was first placed on Lovenox, a thinner, in 1998 to treat blood-clotting problems in her legs on extended airplane flights. The anticoagulant was replaced with Coumadin – also called – which she began taking after developing a clot in her head from a fall and a concussion she suffered in December 2012.

Hillary Unfit due to medicine side effects ?

The Atlanta-based Alliance for Natural Health warns in a bulletin, titled “Hillary Clinton Prescribed a blood-thinner,” and that Coumadin has a long list of nasty side effects.

They include blurred vision and confusion – both of which Hillary Clinton has been reported to have experienced – plus a tendency to bleed excessively even from minor injuries.

After Clinton recovered sufficiently from the concussion and brain clot suffered in December 2012 to testify before Congress on Benghazi in January 2013, the New York Daily News reported she was wearing medically modified eyeglasses. Attached to each lens by transparent adhesive tape was a Fresnel prism designed to treat the double vision resulting from the concussion and clot.

by Guest author unknown, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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