Hillary Clinton Dead – Ms. Transparent is hiding something again

Hillary Clinton Dead

Hillary Clinton Dead?

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

This story is exploding!!! Is Hillary still alive, or perhaps in critical/serious condition locked away in some hospital or private clinic? The use of a supposed Double, an hour or so after the real Hillary’s medical emergency, in front of her daughter’s New York City apartment, has begun to really backfire on the Globalists. The “I’m fine” and “It’s a beautiful day in New York”, was a little much, after totally collapsing 90 minute’s earlier. 

Hillary’s double is well-known and is about 6 inches shorter that the real Hillary, is younger, and about 50 pounds lighter than the real one!

Since they used a double, and the Secret Service would not allow the Press to go in the motorcade to Hillary’s home, one needs to ask: Where is the real Hillary? Is she dead? Is she alive, but in a hospital or private clinic? What medical shape is she really in?

The use of a double is indicative of something really major going on. So the question about Hillary still being alive is VERY APPROPRIATE! She is after all, one of the two main candidates for election as President of the United States of America, in less than two months time.

Below are assorted links to videos and stories on this:

Hillary Clinton video: THE WALKING DEAD – Collapses into security van (actually a high-tech ambulance) – Medical Event – Diagnosed with ‘Vascular Dementia’ and advanced Parkinson’s Disease – ‘One year left to live’ says doctor,

As is now obvious to any intelligent person, Hillary’s health concerns are far, far worse than anything reported in the mainstream media. It now looks like Clinton is very, very sick and possibly near death.

The videos shown below are stunning in what they depict: A corrupt, criminal tyrant who deeply desires power, over others now unable to control her own body… wobbling, collapsing, stumbling, with her head bobbing to the side, as if her neck is on a loose swivel… then collapsing face forward into the waiting van.

WABC-TV Ch. 7 in New York City reports Hillary Clinton’s is dead.

Report: Democratic National Committee will call an Emergency Meeting to Replace Hillary Clinton as Presidential Candidate.

Early this evening, SuperStation95 received information from sources, inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC), saying we should expect an emergency DNC Meeting to replace Hillary Clinton. MSNBC’s David Shuster now CONFIRMS this information saying, We held the story because our credibility demands we verify reports with at least two sources before we publish things to you.

In an utterly stunning leak of even more stunning news, Shuster has now Tweeted this information to the public. Having this second credible source confirm what we had already been told, allows us to bring this information public.

Alex Jones: Hillary’s dropping out of election race no longer a fantasy.

Hillary dropping out of the race for the Oval Office is no longer a fantasy. It could happen. If it does, the media will swing into gear and try to demand a delay in the election.

There is no basis for such a demand, because both major Parties can pick their candidate on their own terms. The Democrats, for example, as we’ve seen, can rig the vote and secretly back Hillary from the beginning and cook up propaganda to defeat Bernie Sanders. They can choose a slew of so-called super-delegates who owe nothing to the voters and, instead, support whoever they want to (Hillary). So if she drops out, the Democrat leaders can simply decide, again, without consulting voters, who the substitute is. Kaine? Biden? Sanders? Elizabeth Warren? Michelle Obama? Rachel Maddow? Karl Marx?

Hillary has used a body double for many years

Is Hillary Deaad

Ring finger on body double proves the lie.

More photo proof of body double.

Damning observations of body double.

Teresa Barnwell – Hillary body double.

Dick Morris: The Political Consequences of Hillary’s Health – podcast.

Hillary was wearing blue anti-seizure sunglasses at 9/11 event. 

Firstly, why was there already a team of medical experts on hand at Chelsea’s apartment before Hillary Clinton had even taken ill? Is this part of some great plot run a muck, in our US Presidential Election ?

Secondly, how could Clinton, already has an illness and deteriorating health, manage to stage such a remarkable recovery in a matter of minutes? It just doesn’t stack up.

Thirdly, the body double that left Chelsea’s apartment doesn’t even look like Hillary Clinton, but it explains why Hillary was wearing sunglasses at the memorial event – so that the body double could escape detailed scrutiny.

However, it’s clear from photos of “Clinton” leaving the apartment that the body double is several pounds lighter than Clinton and several years younger. Tellingly, Clinton had dark roots showing in her hair at the memorial event but was a pure blonde leaving the apartment.

When have you ever seen Hillary Clinton with no one around?

Is Hillary Dead -
Every seen Hillary alone?

Also, all through her 2016 campaign, Clinton has always been surrounded by an entourage. The majority of the entourage that are attached to Clinton are members of the Secret Service. No agents are seen with Clinton as she exits the apartment building. The following picture shows the potential body double without any of her entourage around her. When have you ever seen Hillary Clinton with no one around her?

Conspiracy theorists are stating that there is no need to protect this person because she is a body double. Would the Secret Service allow Clinton to be alone after what happened earlier in the day? Many people say no and that this body double was used to make it difficult for her health issues to be brought up during the remaining weeks of the 2016 campaign.

I cannot confirm nor deny, if any of this evidence, is true or false. I have presented with what I have found, now you can form your own opinion. As for me, I find it strangely intriguing. Conspiracy theory or Fact? You decide.

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior columnist Trumpville Report

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4 Comments on Hillary Clinton Dead – Ms. Transparent is hiding something again

  1. Donald J. Trump is a good, honest and sincere man! I don’t know him personally but come November 8th, he has my vote!! He will Make America Great Again, I haven’t a doubt!!

  2. Let’s see, that complete scenario that played out was the LAST time we saw Hillary Rodham Clinton, and today is September 16th, without a word or video of her.

    We DID see: There is a licensed, staffed health care facility called METROCARE HOME SERVICES, INC. in New York (since sold, as of 9/12).
    It’s address is
    21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl
    New York, NY 10010
    Google it and look at the yellow pages result to verify this.
    Chelsea’s apartment address is
    21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl
    New York, NY 10010
    It takes up the ENTIRE 4th floor. If you go to Google earth street view, you will see that it is the building her BODY DOUBLE, Teresa Lily Barnwell, age 61, and 50+ pounds lighter, with a different nose and cheek profile, different earrings, rings, and flatter hairdo, came out of, an hour+ after Hillary’s collapse, on 9/11/2016!
    Now we know why she was taken there! It’s a private hospital just for her!

    On life support, or, as reported on flagship station WABC TV7, dead? Not knowing the truth, it becomes a flagrant case of violation of our trust and the transparency of the Democrat party!

  3. WABC TV, channel 7, is the biggest news outlet station in NYC. The teleprompter doesn’t “make mistakes”! Let’s just watch, as we see who is fired, and who remains on staff…

    BUT, to have a Hillary out into street, without any Secret Service presence, and in the presence of any person, even a child, without there being a shake down for weapons or bombs, would be a HUGE protocol violation, that would result in the immediate fire of SS staff! That’s why I call BS on the sunday afternoon film in front of the Medical center that fills the 4th floor!


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