Hillary Caught Running Trump Disinformation Campaign

disinformation campaign against Trump

Disinformation Campaign by a desperate Hillary & Dishonest Media

InfoWars’, Alex Jones breaks down the full-on media assault on Donald Trump falsely claiming he will drop out of the presidential race. Trump raised 97 million dollars just last month, mostly from small donors. That’s why the Dems are shaking scared. Trump repeatedly exposes the Globalist New World Order gang, promises to clean up corruption, and bring jobs to the inner cities which would mean the progressives will lose their hold on blacks and other minorities.

So the Progressive Disinformation machine cranks into high-gear. Progressives who would abolish Christianity and Capitalism would be left powerless and those that benefit from this arrangement are spending millions trying to destroy Mr Trump character with disinformation. They are running phony polls and we see thru that.

Ask yourself, why would someone leading in the polls not be able to fill a small venue or even get more that a few dozen attendees to commit? They canceled a rally in OHIO, scheduled for this Saturday, for that very reason. Sound like she’s really leading, I think not. Progressives own most of the news networks and polls. We’ll see on election day. After reading an article set to be released earlier this morning at 6am on the TrumpvilleReport.com I have new eyes on what the Globalist Progressive goals are. They have a whole set of rules that sounds to me like we would be living in Hell, especially if you are a Christian or a minority.

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Trumpville Report is looking for writers to join us.

We are looking for millions of writers to write articles about local news regarding Mr Trump. If you attended a rally or heard something good about him write about it and email it to us or click the writers link up top on the site. This is a grass roots political website flooding the news cycle with positive articles about Donald Trump. Help us counter the disinformation campaign against Mr Trump. Minorities are welcome aboard the Trump Train to Trumpville. Let’s hear from you.

TrumpvilleReport.com is looking for writers that would like their articles to be seen by millions. Most of you are on Facebook anyway, you’re already writing on social media, why not pitch in and help Donald Trump win the Presidency, with some inside scoop or your thoughts on any subject promoting Donald Trump. TrumpvilleReport is an all volunteer group of “American Patriots who Stump for Trump”. Join us to get the “News of the People, for the people” out to undecided voters.

Now watch this InfoWars short video and Help us spread the word about the liberty movement, we’re reaching millions, help us reach millions more. Share the free live video feed link with your friends & family: http://www.infowars.com/show


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