Here comes the New World Order HEAVY ASSAULT! Are we ready?

New World Order

Time to Show the left, we won’t budge. Time to turn off, TV NEWS!

by Alex Jones, of InfoWARS

Here comes the HEAVY ASSAULT. It Is A FACT! Our nation is under attack by the New World Order. This is not a probe! This is the full barrage. Sound the Sirens, ring the bells. TV will be full of phony polls. No one is even interested in Hillary. The polls have been rigged with a head start for Clinton of about 15%. They will have to move that up to 20% or 25% if they want to show her ahead. After they steal the election they can then say,,, see the polls were right all along. There will be a revolt. We know about the polls, We are learning the NWO’s every move. We are going to resist. Russia is poised to defend us.

America is the greatest defender of freedom of religion and the last hope for the entire world. People from all over the World are members of Facebook Groups seeking knowledge to see what is going on. Most people that are still sane believe Mr Trump can close the door on the NWO plans. Find them, arrest them, and try them in the World Courts. Let the heads fall where they may. Donald Trump is the one and only man on earth who can stand against the NWO, with our help and with the Lord’s help.

With ballots not bullets, we will expose and oppose the New world Order!

Our worst analysis of the New World Order Agenda is not even close. It’s much worse than we could even imagine. They have a plan in place to reduce the population by huge percentages. They will kill most of us if we don’t elect Donald Trump. It’s sort of a War of the Worlds, evil empire scenario. Don’t laugh, that warning wasn’t meant to be flip or funny. The New World Order means business and they are coming hard and strong. We are stepping up to oppose them. With ballots not bullets, at first.

God’s power is becoming more and more clear to me, his Mighty hand is on Donald Trump to give us one more chance to stop Satan and his minions, we will be victorious. Conservatives who refuse to vote for Trump will regret their support for Satan. This isn’t a race between parties. “This race is for a free world, if we win, or a world in total submission, a True Hell on earth.”, if we lose.

The globalists have never been more open about their plan to seize total control than they are now, Alex Jones brings you this emergency transmission. NOW WATCH THIS SEGMENT OF INFOWARS FOR EYE OPENING DETAILS….. ( 35 mins.)

I gained new respect for Alex Jones who put this together. Mr. Jones has the NEW WORLD ORDER right where they don’t want to be. EXPOSED ! Mr Jones does a nightly show all on Subscribe to his channel and become informed.

by Alex Jones, of InfoWARS

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