Hate Out – God In

hate out

Attracting other Christians can be tricky if our pages are full of hate. We are doing Mr. Trump a disservice by using divisive rhetoric.

Let’s take the Hate out and put God in. First of all, I confess I am a huge abuser. I am ashamed of many of the things I’ve said and written. I have been so happy that Political Correct (PC) has been eliminated, I feel free, and we finally have a strong leader. My small mind is sometimes incapable of  scriptural thinking. I have asked for God’s forgiveness and for his help. After reading a fellow Trump supporters article appearing here on Trumpville Report, Marri Velasquez, I was convicted and I promise to do better to take the hate out..

I am here now encouraging everyone to temper your comments for the good of the cause. When Protesters hold up signs, saying “NO HATE IN OUR STATE”, they are speaking to the worst of us. Mr. Trump is taking flak for what we say. So let’s please think, and use different language to get our point across and take the hate out. I would hate for us to unknowingly cause Mr. Trump to lose this election.

Making our Trump Tent larger

I also want to hear supportive comments to Christian brothers and sisters, Hispanic brothers and sisters, black brothers and sisters, Asian brothers and sisters, Cuban American brothers and sisters, and anyone else we can persuade to join us. Use Trump’s platform message, to persuade them. Please lose the foul language.

*Just now on the news I heard this, “Everything a Trump supporter says, is attributed to Trump. Not true about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Let’s think before we comment. please. Don’t hurt Mr. Trump.

Hate Out – God In

God will bless us when we do it his way. May God bless you all and help you be kind to others.

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  1. Simplify your message Christian. I read in your book… unless the trumpet sound is clear who will answere the call.

    God in…. thats positive and simple.

    Why a wall? To keep all people safe! Why? All people matter!

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