Government corruption ends with Mr Trump

government corruption

posted by Tom Notrumpnovote Faut

Politicians who will not support Trump have another agenda. Government corruption

Government corruption – TRUE AMERICANS LOVE WHAT THIS COUNTRY ONCE STOOD FOR AND WANT IT BACK!!! Society has lost its moral compass and turned away from God. Stop the insanity in 2016. You Can make a difference!!!

America has a broken political system and Donald Trump is the only candidate who can fix it. We do not need another “self-serving puppet-politician” in the Oval Office! **Like him or not, agree with him or not, it does not matter! Trump is the only candidate who has the determination & know-how to rid our government of corruption. With your help he could literally win the election by a landslide!!!

**Please people, It’s time to put aside ego and misguided pride. We are Facing 4 more years of Government corruption. Stop being willfully ignorant, do your homework on the candidates! We must not listen to the “political media”, they will not tell the truth! In this election YOU CAN make a difference!!! Vote for Donald Trump and help make America Great Again!!!

posted by Tom Notrumpnovote Faut

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