GOP meltdown is for Real

GOP Meltdown

Meltdown of the GOP !

by Beverley Russell

Welcome to the political circus of an election year complete with GOP meltdown !

Scattering in every direction under every tent looking for a way to stop the will of the American people ! The fear is apparent in every face of The Establishment Elite ! They are asking how this could happen to the Grand Ole Party , how could they loose control ? The Republican meltdown was starting to show.

This hasn’t happened before and the GOP meltdown is imminent ! How can a so called outsider matter to so many ? How did the GOP lose control ? Let’s take a walk through the backstabbing back door of the GOP!

No knocking because they will not open the door , so let’s slip through the cracks . Let us become a fly on the wall ! Enter into the world of The Establishment ! The Elite ! Voices , angry voices. How can it be that the GOP isn’t concerned about the American people ? The GOP is concerned about money and power period ! Power , Power , Power , Control watch the wheels spinning how do we keep Control ? The Establishment Republican and Democrat are all about Control ! They work hand in hand scratching each others backs , I’ll do for you , you do for me , forget the People’s wants and needs ! We must Control the GOP we must have Power how can the GOP lose Control?

GOP meltdown begins – Enter Donald J Trump !

How can this be a candidate that no one can Control ? He doesn’t want backer’s? He doesn’t want donations ? He’s financing himself , No No No echoes the Elites ! That’s not how we want it , we want Control! What do you do ? How do we Control him ? How do we Control the American People ? This can not be ! Why do voters want him instead of our more Presidential candidates ?? Confusion ! We can’t let this happen , at all cost we must stop him ! Push our candidate , push Bush , push Rubio , push Cruz !

Why don’t Americans want them ? Desperate Cry’s for help ! Corporate America help us , Goldman Sachs help us , Koch brothers help us ! Money, Money, Money, we need money to defeat him ! No worries he’s a joke, he won’t get anywhere he isn’t one of Us ! Elite’s , No Worries !

June 16 2015

He’s Running ! GOP No Worries !

Laughter loud roaring laughter !!!! The Establishment , no worries Trump is a Joke , he’s running for fun he’s not a serious candidate! Let him play , no problem , no worries ! The American People won’t take him serious ! GOP snickering , don’t worry he’ll never make it through the first debate ! Let him waste his money , let him make a fool of himself ! NO WORRIES ! He’s just looking for attention , he wants publicity ! He doesn’t really care if he wins he’s just playing. Let him play , No worries !

Fast forward May 3 2016

Donald J Trump Becomes Republican Presumptive Nominee! NO NO NO hear the wales and cries of the elitists ! We must stop him ! We must do everything to stop him at all cost ! We must find a way to stop him ! How ? Maybe we can stop him at the GOP convention , just maybe we can put up one of our controlled candidates ! Forget about the voters , we know what’s best for us ! He must not win !

June 22 2016

  • Donald Trump gives powerful speech about corruption in politics and the lying corrupt Hillary Clinton . Americans love him ! Politicians hate him !
  • Disdain echoes from the halls of the GOP ! We must devise a plan , a backroom bargain , change convention rules , something ,Anything to stop
  • Donald J Trump . But The GOP needs to recognize that the American People will stand behind Trump even if it means busting the GOP wide open !
  • Trump is America’s Chosen Candidate and America is standing by him regardless of the GOP !
  • We The People are ready and willing to take America Back !

Can Trump Save the Republican Party? Can he stop the GOP meltdown? The people are with him and they aren’t helping. If we lose this election with these pompous politicians dragging their feet. It will be unforgivable. Circle the wagons GOP, join us. We want America back.

I don’t think either party is representative of their constituents. The GOP has done a pretty good job limiting Obama’s agenda. But they have given in without a fight more than once. Paul Ryan dreamed of setting the agenda, and now he realizes we want Trump to do it. His feeling are hurt and he still thinks he’s top dog. Now Donald Trump will have to put this Party back together again. Tuff job? We’ll see. Both parties have gone so far off the rails it’s hard to believe anyone could unite us all. But we’re getting ready to see, if Mr Trump can fix the GOP meltdown.

by Beverley Russell

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