Little difference between the GOP and the left


Neither party is trying to represent their people. They have become Rulers.

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

I used to think the GOP was the Party of and for The People. HA! MAN, was I STUPID! Today, even though they seem to contradict each other on many issues, there really is NO difference between the LEFT & RIGHT, because BOTH SIDES are in cohorts with each other making crooked deals, and paying people for favors, their silence and WORSE!!

Hardly any difference in the GOP and the left

Corruption has penetrated our entire system, even the GOP; the White House, the Justice (joke) Department, the IRS, Homeland Security… and now EVEN the FBI!!

The Elite are operating ABOVE THE LAW, and they obviously don’t even care about their transparency.

SO… Our government has predetermined that We the People are a complete bunch of IDIOTS, and that they can do whatever they want SO LONG AS they HOLD THE POWER! That goes for the GOP too.

BUT there is one common ‘enemy’ they share… The Democrats, the Republicans, the Central Banks, the New World Order, George Soros, MoveOn etc., and especially the MEDIA (propagating the government’s great propaganda machine) ARE ALL DEATHLY AFRAID of Donald Trump what IS GOING to happen with a TRUMP PRESIDENCY.

BUT THE JIG IS UP DIRT BAGS AND NOW IT’S TIME TO PAY THE PIPER!! Personally, I CAN’T WAIT to see them squirm like the wormy snakes they are. They don’t want to believe it is happening, but they CANNOT STOP the Trump!! The People HAVE SPOKEN, and Donald WILL BE the 45th President, and GREATEST President, of the United States of America! GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS DONALD TRUMP!! Reform politics and the GOP Regional indicator for USARegional indicator for USA

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report contributor

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2 Comments on Little difference between the GOP and the left

  1. If you haven’t seen Hillary’S America, do so, it is very powerful and if it comes out on DVD I will buy it. I learned that much of what I thought the Dems and Reps were thru history wasn’t always accurate. I support Donald Trump!


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