God In Politics, In God We Trust, not man

In God we Trust

God In Politics – In God We Trust

by Marri Velasquez Trumpville Report contributor
Marri manages the JoinTrumpsNation Facebook Group
“Be encourage there is still time to Change from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump,” Go, Trump!! Go Trump!! Go Trump!! Anti-Donald Forces Within Reach (attached) My thoughts – Those that are on the Anti-Donald Trump group decided a long time ago when it was known to all, that Donald J. Trump could become the nominee they had one choice. The group’s choice was to do everything they could do to STOP Donald J. Trump. This group did not then nor has it now accepted it was American Republican Voters that took a stand to support Mr. Trump. This group believes they are in reach of giving the Republican Party a new nominee. They are so blind! This group knows there are millions of Trump supporters who are ready to walk out and not vote for the nominee of the party choice.


Though they know all this they are still going to play their game to the end. In life we all know there are choices, choices for everything, no matter the choice, the outcome will be either good or bad. No more games! It is time to for You to stand up whatever the Choice. Yes, it is time for You to take a stand with either those on the Right or those on the Left. I believe God has already instilled in all of us what he would have us to do, and this Godly knowing is a witness of God’s will. It is peace, clear and true. Fact: This group and those who support this group will be the ones responsible for electing Hillary. Many in this group are so afraid of what will happen. It is because they are looking to man rather than to God. God is the Answer and our Provision. These who have decided not to support or vote for Mr. Trump, be encouraged because there is still time to change from Republican to Democrat. Be proud of your Change and Choice! Vote for Hillary because if you choose to support or vote for anyone else other than Mr. Trump, Hillary is next President of the United States. AND get ready for the DEM ONE party rule. The Choice is Easy. No one can stand for You but You. TRUMP 2016!!! JoinTrumpsNation

I felt lead to pray and wanted you to stand in agreement. It is a long prayer but I believe God wants me to share. Please pray and share as we all continue to pray as God leads us. Amen

Prayer is the ONLY answer; especially when we pray in the Holy Spirit, as it is the language known only to our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the host of Heaven. It is also important to pray the Word of God over the need. Amen. Heavenly Father we give you praise for this day. Yes, this day! Heavenly Father you are worthy of praise, honor, and glory. Wonderful, mighty and marvelous are your ways. Amen. Thank you for Jesus our Lord and King. It is because of Jesus Christ we have all things and can pray in His Holy Name and You promise to hear our prayers. Amen.

Jesus Christ, we give you glory, oh precious Lamb of God. Jesus Christ, we can never give you enough thanks and praise for all you have done for us , and everyone who has confessed you as their Lord and King! Amen! Oh, beautiful is my King! Oh, great is my Lord! Oh, mighty is my Master, King of Glory! Worthy! Worthy! Yes, worthy is your Majesty and Countenance. Thank you, Heavenly Father that creation and heavens DECLARE you are GOD. Amen. Thank you that you have chosen us to walk in the Servanthood of Jesus Christ. Amen. Just the thought of being called and serve the Only True and Holy God amazes our hearts. Amen. Thank you for the blessing of mercy, love, and compassion you have towards us.

Heavenly Father we come before your throne of grace as your servants and children. Heavenly Father we realize you know all things. Nothing is hidden from you. You know all things, things that are seen and unseen. Not only do you know and see these things, but you are moved when we come before Your throne to place our petitions before you. Heavenly Father we know you hear our prayers because of Jesus Christ, the Promise of Your Word. King Jesus, you are our Master, Protector, Deliverer, The Alpha, The Omega. Heavenly Father we thank you that you have called us to pray. We pray to You Heavenly Father and ask you to intervene in every area where the enemy is attacking. It does not matter what the attack is, it is all evil before you, our Holy God. Lies, deception, betrayal, trickery craftiness we call you out in the Name of Jesus Christ. There is power in the Blood of Jesus! There is power in the Name of Jesus Christ! Every spirit that comes against Jesus Christ our Lord and King we speak Jesus to you! Jesus Christ defeated you! Jesus’ Victory is known in our Father’s Kingdom, this earth, in man past, present and future. Nothing can stand against the Name of the Lord. Amen!

We speak Jesus to those that are blinded to the truth. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the darkness and come into His marvelous light. Amen. Thank you Heavenly Father that you have called us Conquerors, “more the Conquerors”. Amen. You promise that we would defeat the enemy by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word (Your Word) of our testimony. In your Word, you made it possible for Esther to arm herself and the nation of Israel to fight against the enemy. They took up arms to defend themselves, but we know too you delivered them. Now we take your Word and arm ourselves. Heavenly Father you have given us to spiritual weapons. We claim and put on our weapons, weapons of warfare. We stand fully arrayed in the armor of the Name of Jesus Christ. We know according to your Word.. 2 Corinthians 10:4-6 4 For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, 5 casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, 6 and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled. Amen! We ask Heavenly Father that, right now; as we stand together on your Word, that your works would be done. You know every force, foe, fallen spirit wants us to doubt you, your Word and power, but we speak Jesus to all of the evilness. Amen! We know everything has to bow and submit to the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! We not live in fear, doubt or lies because we stand with Truth – Jesus the King of kings, Lord of lords! None or nothing is greater than the Name of Jesus! We thank you, Father, that you have called us to pray. You knew already that we would be praying. Amen. We now pray for our country America! First of all, we ask you to forgive America…as the enemy has worked in this country for years to tear it down. We clearly see the actions of the evilness, it has come to light, but Lord oh, hear us. Yes, Heavenly Father hear us as we make intercession on behalf of your people. Those who love You, trust You and believe in You. Amen. We ask You to find favor in America! Let you grace and peace fill the hearts of your people that we can be an extension of You and to others and bring them into the fold to honor you give you praise. Thank you, we live in a country where we can pray for the needs of our country – protection, provisions, leadership, guidance, financial, sickness, unity, encouragement, peace, and love. Bless, bless, bless America and its citizens. We also pray for Mr. Trump. Heavenly Father you know everything about him. You know his heart, mind, spirit, soul, and body. We ask your perfect Will to be fulfilled in his life. We don’t know him but You do. We will pray for him as we believe that You have chosen him to lead our country at this what our hearts believe is the final crossroads of America. We thank you that you have already equipped him with everything he needs because you don’t do things at the last-minute or are taken by surprised by the enemy. Amen! We place Mr. Trump, his family, the Campaign, the Supporters all of all in Your hands. Amen. We speak Jesus, Jesus, to everything! We also pray right now for the GOP convention. In the Name of Jesus let the will of our Heavenly Father be done at the convention.
In the Name of Jesus, we come against every attack that is planned or is being planned to bring discord among anyone or anything. Jesus Christ, we ask you to send confusion to the enemy’s camp and plans within and without the Republican party. In Jesus Name we speak that this convention will have order and will be ruled by Jehovah God alone. Heavenly Father submit the people according to your guidance. Amen. Also the protesters we speak peace, peace in the name of Jesus Christ. Holy Spirit speak to the hearts of the protesters, peace. Whatever ill intent or motive we speak Jesus! Amen! We pray for traveler’s mercies for those attending the convention. Heavenly Father we ask you to unite and energize the Republicans like never-before and people will be moved as they see your works evidence in the Party and our lives. Thank you that your perfect will be done Heavenly Father. We ask all in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and King! The Word, Beginning, End, the Bright and Morning Star, Refugee, Fortress, Rock and in Jesus we will TRUST! Amen!

Good morning. I would like to share an overview of my trip to Cleveland on the Trumpville Report please let me know. Thank you.

Prayer request – Please pray for my daughter. She has been having headaches for 8 days. Having testing. Pray the prayer of faith with me that all will be well in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and King! Thank you! Remain blessed!

by Marri Velasquez Trumpville Report contributor
Marrie manages the JoinTrumpsNation Facebook Group

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