Germans fight Political Correctness like in the US and UK!

political correctness

political correctness

Liberal German People are Unhappy about Political Correctness and EU Membership!

A good article by a liberal German news organization, quickly shifting gears to the right. Undoubtedly, because of the rise of populism throughout the West and the distrust of the liberal, lying, bias media.

GERMANY — I could see the dangers of political correctness for years. I even began writing a book about the absurdity of PC and racism at the start of the recession in 2008 when Barrack Hussein Obama was running for president. I later titled it “Liberal Insanity”. Back then PC was all the rage and it was dangerous to speak of my concerns about Obama and PC (still is). However, I saw what was coming and I felt compelled to share.

The book was never traditionally published because I did not have the platform. Although, I finally self-published the book in 2012 under a pseudonym.

Ban Political Correctness!

What the rise of populism has shown me is that many people have had the same fears as myself all along. But, because of the intense pressure of PC and the liberal news spin that indoctrinated us on what was acceptable to say and what was not, we were silenced for many years, even decades. Now we have a huge mess to deal with!

Now, a little more than one year after German Chancellor Angela Merkel unilaterally opened the doors to Europe to an unlimited amount of 3rd world migrants from notoriously violent nations. And, a year after countless rapes, murders, sexual assaults and terrorist attacks in Europe, even the liberal Germans who have been silenced because of WW2 guilt are finally starting to wake up and say… “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!”

My message today is that we never forget, despite the ebb and flow of political climates, what is popular and what is not, that we have the constitutional right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH! When something does not look or feel right, we must speak out against it!

I am happy to see the Germans and the rest of the Western World speak out against the extremes of liberalism. The extremes of Nazism should never justify an equally dangerous extreme in the opposite direction. It’s simple common sense! Ban Political Correctness!

by Angry Germans

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