Fundamentally Changing America with the help of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Fundamentally Changing America

4 Star Admiral (Ret) Ace Lyons

Admiral Lyons spoke at the Counterjihad Panels at CPAC. March 2016.

Muslim Brotherhood, Obama Fundamentally Changing America

We have a National Constitutional problem. Our congressional leadership was given the power to stop the transformation of America, not facilitate it.

This fundamental transformation is anti American, anti-Western, pro Islam, pro Iranian, and pro Muslim Brotherhood. You have to ask why would an American president embrace the Muslim Brotherhood, whose creed is to destroy us from within and replace our constitution with draconian Sharia Law. The Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the highest levels of our National Security and Intelligence agencies. They’ve had a tremendous impact on not only domestic but our foreign polices . The Muslim Brotherhood forced our restrictive rules of engagement which have cost so many American lives. This never had to happen.We also have a very serious National Security problem.

Obama’s Admin. is Fundamentally Changing America

I have to tell you, never in my lifetime did I ever imagine being taken down and withdrawn from our leadership position in the World by our own American Administration. It doesn’t matter which party was in power, they all failed, going back to the Carter Administration. When the Iranians took over our embassy in Terran, we had the capability to cut off Islamic fundamentalism at the knees. My plan would have worked, but it was denied. Now we’re Fundamentally Changing America.

Hillary Clinton had a ten day warning on the Benghazi fiasco, hats off to the 13 hour guys they could have saved Ambassador Stevens if they hadn’t held them up. We had forces that were ready to respond. Fully ready! Yet they had to wait for border crossing clearance, that never came. They are still waiting for that clearance, as Obama continues Fundamentally Changing America.

Watch the full 21 minute speech.

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