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Want to blog about Donald Trump, or anything else?

For as little as $150 per year you can go blogging with a completely free blog sites set up. All you pay for is the hosting charges, and software update fees (all included in your $150). See below for a complete list of what’s included. Your site will be ready to blog when you get it. You must have something to say that you would love for people to read and share on Facebook? If you like Trumpville Report?  It’s a WordPress blog site and it’s one of mine. Let me build one for you.

If you are looking for a painless way to get started I can help you. I am a freelance website designer and creator since 1999, I rent server space on a super fast first rate server at Host Gator that is designed to host WordPress websites and blogs. So your blog site will load faster and out perform the other Website and blogs, most of the time.

*You must purchase your domain name from Go Daddy, then give me permission to change the name servers to mine so I can host it. (Go Daddy will assist you in giving me temporary entrance into your account) Then I should have you up and blogging in just a few days. Most free blog site like Twix just start you off with a blank page, may try it and desire less headaches and just want to start writing. Your gonna love this blog site.

I have my account with Go Daddy and it’s easy to give me permission to change the name servers. I do not receive any compensation from Go Daddy, it’s just the best and easy to manage. You must renew your domain name each year. That is your responsibility. When you call, I’ll explain it all to you, and I accept major credit cards online.

Here is what you get. included with your WordPress free blog sites.
All you pay is the hosting charge.

  1. Free Blog sites Hosting for one year.
  2. Dedicated customer service to help you over the rough spots, and answer questions.
  3. Free WordPress installation.
  4. Free  Theme installation.
  5. Your own C/panel.
  6. A collection of my favorite plug-ins installed and ready to use.
  7. Installation of “Word-Fence” anti-hacking software.
  8. Share your posts on your own Facebook page.
  9. Web ready Logo if you don’t have one.
  10. Basic SEO is included,
  11. Learning resources.
  • Contact me 706-563-9521 and let’s get your free blog sites started. 
  • You pay $150 for hosting and help.
  • $150 payment each year and you can blog away.
  • You own the site and your domain name.

Now contact me if you have a question, or if you’re ready to get started

Reach me by phone 706-563-9521, or fill out this form and I will contact you. Please give me a brief description or your project idea in the comment section.

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