TRUMP my first 100 days

first 100 days

It’s time to get to work, “No time to waste”!

By Amber Bogdanowicz

Americans are anxious to hear what I’ll do in my first 100 Days. Mr. Trump already has a plan to get started.

I’ll start my first 100 days by interviewing candidates for the Supreme Court seat. Then, he will start building on government based relationships. On Inauguration Day, he intends on undoing the destruction Obama has imparted on America: no more executive orders on immigration and he will start threatening corporate executives for moving jobs out of the US.

Nearing the end of his first 100 days, Donald Trump would like to have the designs for “The Wall” completed to be placed between Mexico and the US. He plans on placing an immigration ban on Muslims, auditing the Federal Reserve, and revoking the Affordable Care Act.

He assures us, “I know people aren’t sure right now what President Trump will be like, but things will be fine. I’m not running for president to make things unstable for the country.”

His ideas are quite radical to remake America, yet he has a plan, and he’s ready to enact it. He just needs to beat Hilary Clinton first. Trump wants the Presidency and is trying to show us that he is up to the job. He wants to make America Great Again. By fixing the economy, stop wasted spending, fix the VA, be a friend to Christians, respect American History, stop divisions between citizens, build the wall and stop illegal immigration and drugs coming across the border, repeal and replace Obamacare. “There is so much to do, we can’t waste time.”

Meanwhile, as the race presses on, Trump is thinking about his VP.

“As president, I’ll be working from the first day with my vice president and staff to make clear that America will be changing in major ways for the better. We cannot afford to waste time. I want a vice president who will help me have a major impact quickly on Capitol Hill, and the message will be clear to the nation and to people abroad that the American government will be using its power differently,” he stated in an interview.

What needs to be understood about Donald Trump is that he is not running as the “nice guy.” He is running as the man who will make the tough decisions necessary to fix America. He knows that not everyone will be happy, but he has a plan that he will stick to, no matter what. That wall is going to get built. His policies are going to stick. My first 100 days is going to be busy. He’s going to make America great again.

By Amber Bogdanowicz

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