So Enough Already, We are Fed Up with ISLAM!

Fed Up with ISLAM

Americans are Fed Up with ISLAM!

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report reporter

Fed Up with ISLAM — Islam is a religion of peace if you ignore all their violent behavior. The suicide bombings, beheadings, the burning people alive thing, the overthrow of sovereign governments, constant war, drownings, woman enslavement, rape, child marriage, sexual discrimination and clitorectomy thing, and don’t their forget honor killings.

ENOUGH ALREADY!!! — We Americans are SICK & TIRED of the horrors & atrocities being committed on our own soil, and on the soil of other sovereign nations… whose governments, out of their own sheer stupidity and sympathy,  had intended to do something good, something humane, by allowing Islam to come to their shores in the first place… So Enough Already, We are Fed Up with ISLAM!

Why did you come to America

You did not come to assimilate, you did not come to conform to the culture, customs, language & laws of those who blindly welcomed you…

You came rather to invade, to destroy everything good in your path… You came to conquer… At the open invitation of our crooked politicians!! But their reign is ABOUT to END, and the damage you have caused us and America is due to be REPAID tenfold!!


Fed Up with ISLAM — We are TIRED of the threats, the insults, the attacks, the bombings, the shootings, the knifings, the beheadings, your sub-human treatment of women & gays, your lack of respect for ANYTHING good in this world & your perverted sharia law.

YOU are INCOMPATIBLE with our values. In fact, you are INCOMPATIBLE with humanity!!

You are NOT welcome here!! AND by the time we are done with you AND our traitorous administration, burning in HELL for all eternity will seem a much better alternative… to the wrath about to be unleashed on you by the American People… Starting November 8, 2016

WE The People & Donald Trump… Islam’s WORST NIGHTMARE!!! So Enough Already, We are Fed Up with ISLAM!

#DonaldJTrump 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
#TrumpPence 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

by Gary Pecorella, Trumpville Report reporter

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4 Comments on So Enough Already, We are Fed Up with ISLAM!

  1. Anonymous — If you look up uninformed voter in the dictionary, your picture will be next to it. If you want to believe Brexit was a mistake and that voting for a globalist like Hillary would be a mistake? You are mistaken. Thank God you’re in the minority.

    I know Mr Trump can run a huge business and Hilly couldn’t use the cash register at Walmart. Just what has she done successfully? No one doubts she has experience, but everything she has put her name to she has failed at.

  2. You are stupid. She is a socialist and both she and Obama uses the agenda to complete the one world govt agenda controlled by Communist/socialist/Marxist leaders in the UN. Obama is sweating bullets to complete the agenda and befor you panties get bunched I do the research from records in courts, Library of Congress, White House pages, and multiple written sources. Obama is a traitor and because he claims to black it’s not PC to complain of weakness in his leading from behind or his supporting terrorism around the world and the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist groups. As a parting gift please look up the Holy Land Trial documents. Muslim Brotherhood Agenda, memo from National Security, and at that period of MB organizations co-conspirators who going to be tried, but was blocked by the present administration.

  3. Trump will be a GREAT president. If you ignore the whole (now I’m not saying he does, but what if) not having a clue on how to lead a country, inciting hatred, not suggesting viable solutions, using his charitable foundation for personal gain, the unusual step of not paying into his own foundation, taking personal credit for charity the foundation gives even though all of the money comes from elsewhere, and suggesting others to murder his opponents.

    Now I’m not saying he does all that, but he hasn’t proved he doesn’t. Geddit? He used that tactic regarding Obama’s nationality, saying “I’m not saying he isn’t American but…”

    I understand you’re pissed off with the usual politicians, but the Brits voted out of the EU as a statement vote and have taken the title of stupidity. Most who voted out only did so because they “wanted to teach a lesson to the politicians” and didn’t expect to win. Don’t let the same happen with America, as a world leading country you don’t want anyone, say China, to be a world leading country. Hilary isn’t great, but the least worst option.

    The world It’s in serious shit. Vote wisely.


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