Fareed Zakaria what he said about Mr Trump was rude

Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria reporter Clinton News Network (CNN) Muslim Poster Boy

by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

Journalist and television host Fareed Zakaria denounced Donald Trump on CNN Monday morning, referring to the Republican presidential candidate as a “bullsh*t artist” who is entertaining in the same way that an auto salesman is.  (See Video Below)

Zakaria told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer

(“Every time it is demonstrated that Donald Trump is plainly ignorant about some basic public policy issue, some well-known fact, he comes back with a certain bravado and tries to explain it away with a tweet or a statement. “Usually, he adds that the press hates him. But there’s a term for this kind of thing: This is the mode of a bullsh*t artist. And it’s sometimes amusing, it’s entertaining if a guy’s trying to sell you a condo or a car. But for a president of the United States, it’s deeply worrying.”)

But honestly what can you expect from CNN CLINTON NEWS NETWORK !

Fareed Zakaria is a Muslim with rumored ties to the Muslim brotherhood !

Zakaria was born in India to a Konkani Muslim family .His father, Rafiq Zakaria, was a politician associated with the Indian National Congress and an Islamic scholar. His mother, Fatima Zakaria, was his father’s second wife.

Zakaria is a naturalized American citizen and self-described secular and (( non-practicing ))Muslim. He added: “My views on faith are complicated — somewhere between deism and agnosticism. I am completely secular in my outlook.”

In 2010, in protest at the Anti-Defamation League’s opposition to the building of the Park51 mosque and Islamic cultural center two blocks from the World Trade Center site, Zakaria returned the Hubert H. Humphrey First Amendment Freedoms Prize awarded to him by the ADL in 2005. He declared that the ADL’s opposition to the mosque meant that he could not “in good conscience keep [the award] anymore”. In support of his decision, he stated that the larger issue in the controversy is freedom of religion in America, even while acknowledging that he is not a religious person. He also wrote that a “moderate, mainstream version of Islam” is essential to winning the war on terror, and that moves like the ADL’s make it harder for such a moderate version of Islam to emerge and thrive.

Zakaria has stated that he tries not to be devoted to any type of ideology, saying “I feel that’s part of my job… which is not to pick sides but to explain what I think is happening on the ground. I can’t say, ‘This is my team and I’m going to root for them no matter what they do.'” Isn’t calling Donald Trump names taking sides ?

Zakaria”s 2008 book The Post – American World !

To me this is definitely rather insulting. America is not a thing of the past , hence why Post( as in past tense ) is very insulting !

The content is divided into seven chapters. The first chapter introduces the thesis of the book: that a ‘post-American’ world order is emerging in which the United States will continue to be the most powerful nation but its relative power will be diminished and now will shift to several surging countries, especially China and India, and to non-governmental organizations.

The Post-American World, pages 36–37.

The world is moving from anger to indifference, from anti-Americanism to post-Americanism. The fact that new powers are more strongly asserting their interests is the reality of the post-American world. It also raises the political conundrum of how to achieve international objectives in a world of many actors, state and non-state.

This sounds to me like The New World Order of globalization , that Obama and Hillary want and are working to obtain . We can not let them take our beloved America and turn it into a third world country !

Fareed Zakaria should be fired for saying such a thing about a candidate that the people have chosen !

It is clear that he is past or (post) the level of bias that he himself says he doesn’t do ! CNN should be ashamed to let this go on ! Oh I forgot its CNN !


by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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