Terrorism False Flag Gun Control Manipulation is a New World Order Trick

false flag

Problem, Reaction, Solution

by David Icke, guest contributor Trumpville Report

False Flag Terrorism, Problem Reaction Solution, Conspiracy

False Flag example = Operation Labrador was a false flag operation carried out by the Yugoslav Air Force‘s Counterintelligence Service (KOS) in the Croatian capital city of Zagreb during the early stages of the Croatian War of Independence. It was devised as a series of terrorist attacks intended to create an image of Croatia as a pro fascist state. Two bombings were carried out on 19 August 1991, with one at the Jewish Community Centre and a second near Jewish graves at the Mirogoj Cemetery; there were no casualties. Additional attacks targeted the national railway network and were designed to implicate the Croatian President. Operation Labrador was complemented by Operation Opera — a propaganda campaign devised by the KOS to feed disinformation to the media. (Wikipedia)

Problem Solving Reactionorder out of chaos

Political Conspiracy =  an agreement between people with the goal of gaining political power or meeting a political objective.

Civil Conspiracy = an agreement between people to deceive, mislead, or defraud others of their legal rights or to gain an unfair advantage

So now if you understand that, and if you want to drastically change society, you have to create a problem that will allow you to sneak your changes through, without causing alarm or opposition. Let’s take gun control and see what’s going on there.

Create the Problem False Flag

You must first create a problem. Terror attacks could be staged in great numbers, like the above example, or Police against blacks crimes could be manufactured, then escalated into chaos in the streets with the help of the Press and Media. Very much like the Black Lives Matter Movement. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that our own government supports the BLM movement monetarily, (transportation, lodging, etc) and materially, (signs, weapons, ect.). Organizers are paid like a job and are rewarded by results.

Use the media to promote your point of view.

Use the lame-stream media to stir the pot and demonize one side. They are perfect, they actually become part of the story. They don’t have to do much, they report on the leaks provided to them by the government and collect their paycheck. Police officers have been their favorite for years, so let’s say they use them. Tell them the police using deadly force are the real enemy and if they stop that from happening, everything will return to normal. Ah, safe again.

Propose a solution, “order out of Chaos”


In order to stop the police violence there is no need to coöperate when being arrested, in fact a few sacrificed lives will be needed to prove the cops are violent. Once the public is properly motivated and is being propagandized by the media, showing, and reporting on the staged riots; the stage is set for Gun Control. After every tragedy Obama and Hillary don’t miss a chance to offer a safer solution. In this case to abolish the second amendment and take away guns from law-abiding citizens.

This is how most countries that have no guns were disarmed. They have been abused by their governments and bandits ever since they gave up their rights to bear arms.

Watch the news, this Conspiracy is happening right now, and it’s obvious.


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