Dear Fake News Sites, Don’t become an advertising obstacle course!

Fake News is, one part Propaganda, two parts Greed!

Fake News

Listen up Fake News Websites, your days are numbered!

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Reportand the Daily Ragg

AMERICA, U.S.A. — We are the real Resistance, rejecting Globalism, in favor of Nationalism, and Donald John Trump is our Champion, leader, and President. We are conservatives, but not necessarily Republicans. As a major Alternative News website editor, the “” I publish stories that I believe are of interest to Trump Supporters. I don’t write them all, and dutifully try to stay away from subjects that have no basis in fact. Like, “Barak Obama files for Divorce”.

My partner, Beverly Jane Russell, is our main Op-ed columnist. Beverly is recovering from a major injury and is unable to write at this time. But she’ll be back soon, she is a fine researcher, a straight shooter and a former Democrat that sees both sides of an argument. We mostly deal with opinion news and have many article contributors, citizen Journalists, and other author professionals. Everyone is invited to submit, but not all articles are published for various reasons.  

As a curiosity, I started researching Fake News Website and found so much material. Mostly written by Liberals, it seems, but never-the-less, I found things that need to be addressed by the right and the left. Creating stories using rumors can get your site labeled as “Fake News”. One huge tip-off whether a site is pushing fraudulent news is the amount and quality of advertisement presented to the viewer. Phony sites follow the “3-M Rule”, Monetize, Monetize, and Monetize. Paul Horner, a creator of fraudulent news stories, told The Washington Post he made $10,000 per month through ads linked to phony news. This kind of result will turn many people into reporter wanna

Let’s start with the definition of Fake News offered by Wikipedia

Fake news websites (also referred to as hoax news), deliberately publish hoaxes, propaganda, and disinformation purporting to be real news — often using social media to drive web traffic and amplify their effect. 

Unlike news satire, fake news websites seek to mislead, rather than entertain, readers for financial, political, or other gains. 

Such sites have promoted political falsehoods in Germany, Indonesia and the Philippines, Sweden, Myanmar, and the United States. Many sites originate or are promoted, from Russia, Macedonia, Romania, and the U.S.

Navigating the Advertising Mine Fields

fake news*Note the websites you like and remember the ones you don’t want to visit again because of their Advertising practices and fake news.

Ad Dancing

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had it with the Fake News sites that make you navigate an advertisement mine field just to read their stories. It seems they care only about their pocketbooks and not your reading or video experience. Enough! My favorite gimmick to hate is, “AdFLy”, this gimmick makes you wait for the 5-second countdown, while a full page announcement displays before you are allowed to view the page you clicked to see… Then before you see the article you have to find the “X”, to click out of the rows of paid for Titillating and sometimes Misleading News Stories. It’s very hard to respect such sites, it cries out, “pay me” and thus their credibility suffers. Then you have to “like their page”, or find the “X” before you read the article. I call it “Ad Dancing”. Well, that’s how it is now, but more ways to trick you into clicking their ads will be coming, I’m sure.

Trumpville Report has resisted this type of advertising because we want to go on as a legitimate site after these Fake News sites fold. We are supported by Citizen Journalist, our Facebook closed Group of over 30,000 and are hanging in there until the advertising platform based websites fold. I must now point out, I am not against advertising, we depend on it too, but I do not support tons of invasive advertising. Constant interruptions.

What happens when I click on an Ad?

Maybe you don’t know why clicks on these ads are so important to Fake news sites. First, some brand-new sites think the Internet is easy money when in fact it isn’t, it’s long hours and hard work with little or no financial reward at first. So they look for and find other revenue streams. Usually a bombardment of headline titillating, fake articles, that pay the site owners when someone clicks to read one. If you click on an advertisement they make a few cents, up to a few dollars for each click.  Clicks add up over the month and that adds up to about enough to pay your hosting bill if you are lucky.

The answer most newcomer websites are missing is to publish real news/opinion to get more viewers, fewer invasive ads, that means a good customer experience, with no advertising obstacles to navigate. No tricks and no begging for likes. People either like your website or article or they don’t. Remember, when you are mostly dealing with conservatives, they are savvy, and most of the time, figure out when they’re being played.

Giving Alternate Internet News a bad name. Blowing an Opportunity to Compete with MSM!

Fake News Leave me aloneWhen I’m reading and someone keeps breaking my concentration, I become annoyed. That’s no way to treat your viewers. No More Pop-up Ads. No more page covering Ads! No more BullSh*t news!

If your site is nothing but an advertising platform, you’re in the wrong business. You are giving Alternative Internet News a bad name. When we should be competing with MSM for market share some are faking it. Wasting the opportunity for success. Every day there are more and more sites pushing their stories. If your articles are good and actually have a story attached, you’ll be fine. TrumpvilleReport leans heavy to Opinion News. We have never fabricated a story and we’re just staying afloat from as a result. After ten months, I’d say we are doing very well. All the search engines are picking up our articles and we are starting to get more visits from them than we are from Facebook. That was our major goal because , so often we are banned from Facebook, as conservaties sometimes are. We are hoping to be rewarded in the near future as a revered, factual, Citizen Journalist-News source. Amen?

Who are the biggies in ANS

The number one Alternative News Source is “InfoWars“. Alex Jones is more than just a news Channel on YouTube, he is a brilliant thinker and marvelous entertainer. He’ so far ahead of the rest and runs an established business of over 20 years or so. Alex Jones is a genius and a great commercial thinker. He’s also entertaining to watch and listen to. His hard-hitting delivery railing against the New World Order helped him make a name for himself and offering his show for free is the best business model on the net. To expose the NWO and corrupt governments across the world are Jones’ goals.

Any website that publishes news can be had, once in a while, it happens, but when you write the story and know it’s false and it’s no satire, you are in the Fake News Business. Get out and let’s be more hinest than the dishonet media President Trump talks about. Remember creidbilty in journalism brings people back for more. Have a good day.

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Reportand the Daily Ragg

*comments are welcome below, I would like to know if I’m the only one who feels like this?

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