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Facebook Censorship


by Gary Pecorella,  Trumpville Report Contributing Reporter

AMERICA, USA — Because I Am A Conservative… Because I believe in God & American Values Because I LOVE Our Flag, Our History, Our Freedom & Our President Trump…

Because of All THIS That I Stand For, and Because I Wear My Patriotism Proudly On My Sleeve, I Am Sentenced Like A CRIMINAL To CENSORSHIP by Mark Zuckerberg and His Facebook Staff.

It Sickens Me How They Flag Patriot’s Posts, Restrict Our Access and LOCK Our Accounts, As They Have Done So To Me… THIS Time, Because I Made A Post About Disrespectful NFL Protests and Called Out Facebook On Their Liberal BIAS & Censorship of Conservative Free Speech.

It Seems The World Is Going To HELL. Just Look At The Headlines on DRUDGE or BREITBART if You Need Confirmation. The LEFT Is In An All-Out ASSAULT On America, Against ANYTHING & Everything We Patriots Stand For. EVERYTHING Is Under ATTACK:

Our POTUS, Our Flag, Our Religion, Our History, Our Culture, Our Borders, Our Nationalism, Our First & Second Amendments, Our Constitution, Our Rule Of Law, Our Police, Our Military, Our Vets, Our Healthcare Coverage, Our Election Process, Our Wages, And Our Wages STOLEN by the Government through Taxation, DISTRIBUTED To Those Who Do NOTHING, To Those Who HATE US, Further Crippling Our Ability To Make A Decent Livelihood For Ourselves, Our Families & Our Children.

After Decades of Assault WE Finally Said ENOUGH, and on November 8, 2016, We Elected Donald Trump, the ONE Man In Our Government Who Truly Stands For the PEOPLE.

However, The Assault STILL CONTINUES. It Continues In the Actions Of Activist Judges & Circuit Courts, In Violent Protests, Street Riots & Looting, In the Desecration of Public Property, In The FAKE News, In The Stifling Of Conservative Speech on Campuses, In The Sports Protests & Hollywood Elite Bashing, In The Cold-Blooded Murder Of Men & Women Of Our Police Force, In The Existence of Sanctuary Cities, NO GO ZONES & Sharia Law, In The Obstruction By Rogue Mayors, Governors & Congress Refusing To Abide By The Law, AND In the Demand That Islam Be Tolerated WHILE The Values WE Stand For Must NOT Be Tolerated.

THE LEFT Has Turned Everything Upside-Down. THEY Are The Hypocrites, THEY Are The Party That Is In Fact GUILTY Of All They Accuse Us Of. And The Media, Which The Left Owns, Bashes & Trashes Over & Over & Over Again, Brainwashing The Oblivious… Citizens AND Non-Citizens (Who Shouldn’t Even Be Here YET Are Government Subsidized By YOU & ME), With a 24/7 Blast Of NON-STOP Propaganda.

THE LEFT Has Turned TRUTH Into Fiction, and FICTION Into Truth!

THIS is the Ideology of Liberalism, Socialism, Fascism, Communism, and Facebook… By Whatever You Call It, It All Has The SAME NAME, and That Name Is EVIL.

WE ARE AT WAR. But Many People Don’t Even Know It. And The LEFT Will NOT STOP Its Assault As Long As There Remains NO Resistance. SO We Must BE The Resistance, YOU and I Together, We Must RISE UP & RESIST. WE MUST STOP THE LEFT, WHATEVER IT TAKES, WHATEVER THE COST.

We NO LONGER Have A Choice. There Can Be NO Peace, There Can Be NO Compromise Where EVIL Is Concerned.

KEEP FIGHTING. Let Us Gather Our Strength, Courage, Willpower & Determination. Let Us Unify Our Forces… and Let Us Once & For All Send The ENEMY, ‘EVIL’, Back To HELL… And In Doing So Save Our Great Nation!!

God Bless America

-by Gary Pecorella

(PLEASE SHARE as I Am NOT Allowed To)

by Gary Pecorella,  Trumpville Report Contributing Reporter

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