Evil Globalist Propaganda Working Overtime to defeat Citizens

Evil Globalist

Evil Globalist

by Bessie M. Blazejewski Trumpville Repot Facebook Contributor 

Anderson Cooper is so biased that all he wants to talk about is Trump’s locker room comment from 11 years ago. These typical liberals refuse to talk about the real issues that concern the everyday American people. Issues on Hillary Clinton’s corruption on E-mails, Benghazi, Arming the enemy like Isis, Clinton Foundation- how she used her power of Secretary of State to sell access to our government, Bill Clinton’s infidelity, raped of many women and how Hillary had bullied these women that Bill sexually abused. Security of our border, Economy, jobs, healthcare, taxes, Foreign affairs, domestic and foreign terrorism.

You be the judge- which is more important to talk about, the comments that Trump made 11 years ago or the issues that can
affect our American lives?

These mainstream media, part of the evil Globalist movement, are Hilary’s foot soldiers to fight against Trump. It’s very obvious.

You, the American people must be smart enough to see what’s really going on. Trump is fighting Democrats, Republican, and mainstream media establishments. Even other parts of the world can see how really corrupt our government is. How the media and our government are brainwashing the masses, regular American people. As you know, if you have the media to do the job for you, you can take over the world. But, thank God that there are some very smart people out there that can see what these evil Globalist establishments are doing.

We are trying to wake up America – that if you, the American people do not do anything to get involved and the wrong person like Hillary gets in office, it is game over. The transformation of America and the world will be complete. We will lose our country, our freedom, the whole world will be taken over by the Globalist for the NewWorld Order. This is the most critical and most important election in our lifetime. You cannot sit this election out. Evil Globalist will try to steal the votes and do whatever it takes to get their candidate in office. Look how much millions & millions of dollars they’re spending on negative ads on Trump. Help Trump get in the White House to help us, the American people and the rest of the world from the evil Globalist.

by Bessie M. Blazejewski Trumpville Repot Facebook Contributor

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