Establishment seems to be in a Global World all their own


Once More for the Establishment

by Dave Klug of Blooming Prairie, MN Trumpville Report contributor

Hillary is commenting on the Republican Establishment ideas for the future that have leaked. She sounds like; ummm; Jeb Bush or someone. Trying to scare uninformed voters. The working men and women are backing Trump, they want to work and actually make a living.

Establishment still in the dark

What these people, the “Establishment” of our political parties, just cannot get into their thick skulls is the fact that the American Voter does not want it like it was. Fresh faces and fresh ideas – that is what we want because the old ways and the “Old Guard” have sunk our country into the abyss. Listen with an open mind to the change in the air, you stagnant ones, and become a new revitalized nation under God, not Allah, and lead by Trump.

Establishment or fresh new ideas

It is an easy choice this election, don’t make such teary eyed drama out of it. You want the status-quo and how it has always been; a socialist headed agenda; or you want a new fresh start. It is the Obama/Clinton old school on a fast sinking ship; or a new sleek and slim government train; The Trump Train, for and by the people, run by a man who was born into, rose up and excelled from the American Dream and who LISTENS TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

This election we have the chance to go with our “change”. Instead of some idiot, Islamic, drug selling community organizer and first term Senator; a new fresh, honest, Christian, homegrown, successful American born Patriot. Your choice – choose wisely. It IS your children’s future.

This post appeared on the Trump Ville Facebook page and is a heartfelt plea to Make America Great Again. Elect Donald Trump

by Dave Klug of Blooming Prairie, MN Trumpville Report contributor

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