Does Trump’s Win Signal the End of the (D) Party?

End of the (D) Party

Is the curse of the Democrats finally over? End of the (D) Party

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Amid the primaries numerous in the media started anticipating that if Donald Trump were to win the Republican assignment for President, and lose, it would bring about a noteworthy faction in the GOP. Many thought it would be the passing of the Republican party and it would part between the conservatives and moderates. It really turned out a different way. Trump won the Presidency, and it is currently the Democratic party which is on its deathbed. In the course of the most recent eight years under President Obama, the Democrats have been decreased to their least level of force in a hundred years. Is this the End of the (D) Party?

Democrats losing ground and going backward with far left Globalism!

Indeed, even before the 2016 Presidential decision the Democratic Party experienced enormous misfortunes at the state level. In 2008, the Democrats controlled 60/99 state authoritative chambers. After the 2014 midterms, they just controlled 30. They lost another two state senate chambers and a house chamber this race. Altogether, the Democrats have lost 949 state authoritative seats amid Obama’s Presidency. What’s more, they’ve gone down from twenty-nine Governorships to just sixteen; including three lost this decision. It’s been an entire and aggregate victory that eradicated Democrats’ century-long power base in the South. The Republican party now controls each and every administrative chamber in the South and everything except three Governorships.

Notwithstanding losing the South, the Democrats have additionally lost power in the Rust Belt. The three expresses that gave Trump the Presidency; Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, all have statehouses controlled by Republicans. Wisconsin and Michigan each have Republican Governors too.  Placing them into the one-party-state class. Republicans now control both state houses and the Governorship in twenty-four states, while Democrats will just control six. Of the staying twenty states, Republicans control both state houses in seven.

End of the (D) Party They blame everything but their own policies.

Any savvy political gathering would see this seismic move and quickly start a thoughtfulness to see what they’ve done to precipitate it. The Democratic party isn’t having that, however.

  • Hillary Clinton is pointing the finger at her misfortune on the Comey letter.

  • Congressional Democrats are staying with beach front foundation elitists

  • Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi as minority pioneers. They’re considering choosing liberal Muslim Keith Ellison to seat the Democratic National Committee.

None of those activities says ‘how about we get back in contact with white, rustic and rural America’. On the off chance that anything it says they’re multiplying down on what got them to this point.

All things come to an end, Good! End of the (D) Party!

It appears as though the Democrats have to a great extent discounted their misfortunes and will rely on upon urban minorities to make up their base going ahead. Will keep on pushing liberal positions that may play well in California and New York, however, kill voters wherever in the middle. That hasn’t functioned admirably well for them in the course of the most recent eight years, however, in the event that they need to keep shooting themselves in the foot, they’re more than welcome to.

Writer: anonymous

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