NFL Boycott is Working – Empty Seats – TV Viewership Down

Empty Seats

Boycott of the NFL and it’s Sponsors = Empty Seats

by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Reportand the Daily Ragg

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA — This is the beginning, Empty seats at NFL Games are as common as sand on the beach. Americans are voicing their displeasure about disrespecting our Flag and our National Anthem. Antifa and BLM are behind all their antics and Americans will never reward those who do that. The Democrat Party and it’s leaders are running scared over the reaction of real Americans, we have had it with your fake news and fake polls and we are rising up and you Antifa types are going down. No matter what your cause you ain’t winning this one, NFL.

The NFL has been morally broken ever since they would not play the original kneeler, yes the original kneeler was Tim Tebow. He kneeled to pray and then NFL turned Satanic, in my opinion. After taking the Broncos to the playoffs Tim was effectively banned from the NFL because he was a true believer. Shame, shame, Now the NFL is into activism and real Americans have had it with this form of activism. There is so much football on TV without the NFL. These people are not good roll-models for our children. Sorry Tim for bringing you into to this mess, but many Americans agree with us on this one. You were banned simply because you are a Christian. The left spent millions trying to tear you down. You were the reason I watched the NFL, now there is NO reason to watch them anymore. The NFL has turned into a football swamp, trying to tear down America. Sure there are some good people in the NFL, but you are guilty by association and enabling the bad ones. Maybe it’s time for you to speak out against this disrespect, we are waiting.

Draining the swamp starts with Empty Seats.

The NFL is entertainment period. I don’t want anyone disrespecting my Country or my Flag and I won’t watch their games or shop with their enablers, their sponsors! In fact, if you feel like we do about the NFL Activists here’s a list of their sponsors for your consideration. It’s time for them to pull their advertisements. Shut down their satanic NFL nest, and their sponsors, until they pull their advertisements. STAND FOR AMERICA!!!

Sponsors: NFL Football 

*list contributed by ET Williams, “The Doctor of Common Sense I love this guy. 

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“Empty Seats”,  by Mike Dukes, editor Trumpville Reportand the Daily Ragg

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