We’re on the March, the Empire is on the Run!

Empire is on the Run

The Main Stream Media, (MSM), is dead, The Clinton Foundation is dead, Political Corruption is dead.  – EliteWe will not listen to your lies again!

by Mike Dukes editor in chief Trumpville Report

The Empire is on the Run — All good things come to an end as it did for America in 1989, 28 years ago when the first Bush took office and began pushing us on a journey into the Global World Order. It was subtle, only the élite understood Globalism was coming. Now it’s time for Globalism to die as it is now very sick and won’t last long. The signs of the end, of the easy life for elites are showing. Their exterior is cooling and getting nasty and desperate. They are confused and don’t know what happened. Some are sleeping, some are restless in the streets, some of their  once supporters are avoiding the elites sickness, their arguments are exposed, they are fading fast. Rest in Peace, you blew it. 

Boycott the mainstream media. Watch FOX or FBN. Ever wonder why the left hated Fox News? Now you know, they don’t control FOX NEWS and they don’t want you to hear a different perspective. I prefer FOX Business News. 7-pm Eastern every weeknight where my wife and I watch my favorite Lou Dobbs. Try it. He has been on the Trump Train from the start.

We’re on the March, the Empire is on the Run!

Alternative News Media, (ANM), won the battle against the once powerful Main Stream Media (MSM), and MSM is running scared. Trying to repair the unrepairable damage they did to their credibility. They took the lead against the American people and did their part of betraying our choice for President. They purposely joined the Clintons and frightened average citizens so bad with lies and untruths about Mr. Trump and his proposals, some are having a hard time dealing with a Trump Presidency. It is our hope to unify these people because they were lied to. As his Presidency goes on they will find the truth and their fears will subside. Making things better for America is nothing to fear.

More people are turning to the Internet for news and information every day. ANM will improve as it is already the largest news organization in the World. Many of the Alternative media sites have little funding, and are mostly volunteer run, managed, and staffed. 

I have heard enough from Liberals continuing to say, “that’s not who we are”, in the first place we know who we are and we have found out who they are through social media and ANM. They have no idea who we are and haven’t for a long time. The election was a reputation of the entire delusional liberal system. They had high-jacked America and they are pissed off because we are taking it back. MSM is done in America, they are the fringe element now. The Revolution has started, and the Empire is on the Run!

Main Stream Media

The reason the MSM missed it so bad was because they were part of the Clinton Campaign, part of maneuvering America into The Global World Order. Americans said no to Globalism, and the MSM continued to ignore us, so we simply stopped listening to them.

The West is where Liberty came from and we are heading back to our roots if Mr. Trump delivers. We need real men and women who are dedicated to the putting America First and restoration of our Christian values that made us great.

The Separation of Church and state will once again mean what it was intended to mean. The State needs to stay out of the Churches business, not the other way around.

Criminal Element Rampant in Democrat Party

Much has been leaked about the Clinton Foundation. Number one is the amount of percentage of money that eventually went to help those in need. Less that 06% of the money donated actually went to help those the money was collected for.

There is mention of a child pornography ring and among other things, there is a possibility of Pay for play, a Clinton run Drug cartel and more.

This is why James Comey intervened eleven days out because the charges are so serious. Poor James Comey had to relent days later because the Obama administration called him off. When Trump assumes the Presidency, the FBI will once again have the backing and power it needs to pursue criminals and crime bringing them to justice. The details will all come out as the FBI investigation unfolds behind the scenes. It would be wise for president Obama not to pardon Hillary. If he does, Obama himself will most likely be implemented in these corrupt endeavors and could suffer along with Hillary. Trumpville Report will keep you updated on this of course.

The criminal element in the Democrat Party has reached a level that Americans will no longer tolerate, and we said so on Nov. 8th. Former Democrats came on board and voted for Trump by the millions. The Democratic Party is the big joke. Hiring protestors, organizing riots, lying to the public, and self-enrichment at the expense of America. But their joke isn’t funny and it’s not going to continue, and it’s not good for America. Their Party’s days are numbered.

You want to see a pissed off hoard, keep trying your progressive liberal bull shit, your children are out in the street protesting because they were never taught to take a loss, a progressive idea, they want a participation trophy anyway. They are having crying fits because they can’t cope with losing or not getting their way. They are not mature enough to help shape this nation and the more they go to the demonstrations, riot, and party in our streets the more aggravated with them we become.

Draining the Swamp – Global Empire is on the Run

Mr. Trump can’t take over the White house soon enough. Obama was nice enough today at the White house meeting with Trump, but I don’t trust him or his Party. Clinton was devastated, but claimed we need to give Trump a chance. She’s’ a liar, what is she up to. Both are allowing the protest to continue. Trump is not yet the President, but he will be. In the meantime, the Protestors continue their anarchy, just what the right is tired of. When Mr. Trump takes over they will stop when these children find out Mr. Trump is not to be feared as long as you are a law-abiding citizen.

It isn’t all the protestors fault. Money from real anarchist is pouring in to support disruptors to infiltrate peaceful partying protestors. Who doesn’t like a good party? They know it’s coming to an end, so they are getting the most out of having fun before it’s over.

Coming together for s better America is going to happen, so get onboard the TRUMP TRAIN. Long live Mr. Trump! Everybody Wins!

by Mike Dukes editor in chief Trumpville Report

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