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A short Message to all our Supporters.

So, you’ve taken a liking to Trumpville Report and decided you might want to give back. This is awesome — we’d love to have you help.

The Trumpville Report is a small all volunteer News organization that brings you real news and opinions. After eight years of Obama presidential failures, we couldn’t take it anymore. We decided to join the fight against FAKE NEWS, Social Engineering, and Political Correctness, coming from the White House and the Main Stream Media. Our goal is to remain on duty throughout President Trumps Terms, backing him when he’s right and exposing him if he’s wrong. Uplifting news and digging and doing the research for you.

Our all Volunteer Staff

Our staff works tirelessly to keep the very best news coming. We choose a format without high paid pop-ups because we think it is annoying and breaks your concentration. We realize those types of ads pay the bills, but we’d rather not do that. After appr. 8 months of operation, we get our fair share of visits from search engines, Facebook, and Bookmarking direct access. We thank you all for the wonderful comments and notes of support and how much you like the layout and top rated articles.

  • No Pop-up Adds, annoying tireless adds interrupting your train of thought
  • No page covering advertisements
  • No begging for your “like” or “membership”, with pop-ups breaking your concentration.
  • Honest Article Titles — When you read our headlines you will know what the article is about. We aren’t trying to trick you.

We have grown to be a major player in the Independent News Organizations and are aiming to Give our brothers and sister at Breitbart, Infowars, the Daily Caller and others a run for their money. We have been up for less that a year and have respect and best wishes for these pioneers and leaders in our field.

We are very active on Social Media, primarily Facebook and have suffered being sanctioned three times, oh well go figure.

These are strategies used by fly-by-night organizations in our opinion, looking for a fast buck, and generally promoting FAKE NEWS stories, which are mostly More Headline, than a story.

We do want to be forced to use this type of advertising strategy, to survive.

Would you help us stay Ad Independent?

In order for us to continue, we need your help. Our hosting bills and other website related expenses rise as our website visits increase. We can’t afford to pay all our expenses and have any left over to grow. Our Writers work long and hard to provide you the very best articles in our Magazine style website. If you appreciate our efforts, if you enjoy our articles, and if you would like to see us continue, please help us reach our independence from senseless pop-up and offensive add materials. Please help with a small contribution. If no that’s OK, just tell your friends about us.

Thank You,



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