Hillary expected to draw huge crowd at the DNC convention tonight

DNC Convention

DNC Convention Success or Failure depends on filling the house

The DNC Convention is clever in arranging for empty seats to be filled at low attendance convention. This story has already been blocked by Facebook, but is alive and well on Twitter, so far. Facebook claims to be having problems sharing this and is telling us there is a problem they are working on.

Could Facebook thwart the Will of the people and Free speech. This sounds like a civil class action lawsuit for an enterprising young conservative lawyer, with Facebook smack-dab in the middle of it. There is no reason to censor this article, it’s legitimate news for discussion. Obviously Facebook is sensitive about hate speech. We agree, but we are in the middle of an election and this is politics. Hearing from both sides is the American thing to do. It is clear the liberals have a bigger megaphone that the conservatives do. Facebook has become important to getting the word out for the masses. Facebook has been serving America well, but lately our readers have complained about losing their accounts and never knowing why. Globalism is not a majority agenda and the few that support it are our enemies in politics, not on the street. Americans can disagree, but both side must be heard until one side assumes so much power they can thwart the will of the people. Listen up Mr Facebook. When this election is over, many of us will be gone and you know it. That’s just business. I noticed your stock going up yesterday. Just remember what goes up, Must come down. We’re in this together, give us our voice, please.

DNC Convention putting out Ads to bring attendance up.

DNC Convention

Source Gateway Pundit  View full story here.

Hopefully this version will be Shareable. No hate speech here, nothing to see, move on.





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