DNC Convention Speeches – My thoughts

Convention speeches

DNC Convention Speeches – My thoughts

Marri Velasquez of the Latino Trump Coalition – Houston, Texas

Regardless, of all the thousands of words that have been spoken thus far at the DNC convention the fact is that no amount of words can cast a “right” light for their nominee, Hillary. Hillary has said and done things that have shed a “wrong” light on herself.

Everything Hillary has done during her political life has and is known to America and the world. There is not a person, a world of words, a magic wand, or stroke of a pen that can fix or make all her these known failures disappear. People do not trust Hillary because she has admitted to the failures. The failures and negative facts are and will forever be a part of her life.

Use Spiritual Discernment, a gift from God, when you listen to the Convention Speeches

The only thing that may improve Hillary’s standing with the American people is, to be honest, and speak the truth. God has given people discernment and understanding.

God’s discernment and understanding will always show us right and wrong. It is up to us to stand by His wisdom or allow people to deceive us.
Be strong! Trust God! Listen to the convention speeches and use your Spiritual Discernment.

Marri Velasquez of the Latino Trump Coalition – Houston, Texas

#JoinTrumpsNation and  Latino Trump Coalition – Houston, Texas

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