DNC Convention Anti-American Disaster

DNC Convention Slump

Delusional – Non-American – Circus Way to kick off a disaster, Democrats!

by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

The DNC Convention has been nothing but utter madness! With a parade of African American Cop Haters , BLM Mothers against Cops , Ilyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America who’s PROUD of having an abortion , Lena Dunham the Woman who proudly wrote a book about molesting her little sister, Bill Clinton the impeached President who’s been accused of numerous sexual assaults ! All to elect a nominee who has been under investigation by the FBI , and accused of to many treasonous crimes to count!

Day One DNC Convention

The first night , with not an American Flag in site , the DNC convention starts its countless parade of globalisation party ! Democrats are making more of an effort to reach out to non-white voters than Republicans, judging by the people the party has chosen as convention speakers. Nearly half of those on the DNC roster were black or Hispanic. Eleven of 24 speakers Monday evening at the Democratic National Convention’s opening night were people of color.

Day two

Night 2 , Terry McAuliffe: The Virginia governor was fine when he was onstage. But, man did he step in it when he got off the stage. He told Politico that Clinton, who said she was opposed to the Trans-Pacific Partnership during the 2016 primary campaign, would reverse that position once she was in the White House. “Once the election’s over, and we sit down on trade, people understand a couple things we want to fix on it but going forward we got to build a global economy” McAuliffe said. “Listen, she was in support of it. There were specific things in it she wants fixed.” Ruh roh. Less than an hour after McAulliffe’s quote, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta was on cleanup duty.

Watching Bill Clinton give a high-profile address to a big crowd is watching someone who was born to do exactly what they are doing, LIE . Yet painting Hillary as an adoring wife and mother is a little hard to swallow after all her treasonous acts and his lust for any woman but her . Perfect Pair of Morons !

Day Three

Night 3, Obama Takes the Stage

The president must further unify his party with a powerful speech for Clinton. The two ran against each other for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008, in which Obama spoke with much disdain about Hillary ! Now he spews sweet sticky praise about his wonderful friend Hillary Clinton . FLIP/FLOP DEMS .

Tim Kaine made his solo national début as Hillary Clinton’s running mate at the Democratic national convention Wednesday, sharing his life story and sharpening his attacks on Donald Trump. However he left out a lot about his upward climb , things like dinner speeches awarding known terrorist , multiple donations from Islamic Muslim brotherhood , Tim Kaine ties to radical Islam. See:

Hillary’s VP Candidate and Kaine’s comedy skills leave a lot to be desired.

He tried very unsuccessfully to imitate Donald Trump and ended up looking like a fool.

Day Four

Night 4, “Tonight Democrats hear an acceptance speech from the most scandal-plagued and disliked candidate in the history of their party ” . “Despite clinching the nomination, poll after poll continues to show Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness and favorability sinking to all-time lows, and her constant shapeshifting on the issues will only further alienate millions of Americans already repelled by her cronyism and double standards. Simply put, Hillary Clinton cannot escape the fact Americans overwhelmingly regard her as dishonest, hypocritical, and completely out for herself. Our country cannot afford for her to bring her poor judgment and unethical behavior into the White House.

We really should be happier about this historic moment. First women nominee of major party. But you don’t feel that way when she rigged the system and half of her voters only voted for her because she’s a woman. It just spoils the moment.

“Whether it’s her endless flip-flops on the issues, perfecting the art of politics for personal gain, or benefitting from a rigged system, Americans simply do not like Hillary Clinton. While Democrats have chosen to nominate a career Washington insider who is always out for herself, Donald Trump is promising to shake up Washington and bring strong leadership that will restore prosperity, secure our homeland, and Make America Great Again.”

DNC Convention Take-away

All said, instead of a “bump” in the polls, Hillary Clinton will most likely receive a “slump”, not a bump in the polls and the beginning of a downward spiral. Trump is a good man.

by Beverley Russell, Op-ed contributor Trumpville Report

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