Dirty Politics is a nasty business

Dirty Politics

Dirty Politics and how? Trump Tsunami on the way !!

by Sherry Barbour Bell posted on Trumpville Report facebook Group page.
I enjoyed it, thought you would too.

If you love Dirty Politics you are loving this election season. One man wanting to make America great again promising to clean up the free ride of corruption and a woman promising to raise taxes on the middle class (short circuited? Maybe, she lies so much who knows, Mr Trump thinks she accidentally told the truth on this.)

I think the Bill And Hillary Clinton House of Cards is about to come down! Bill was foolish to put his legacy on the line for her because despite of having been impeached for sexual deviancy in the White House – he had a fairly good record and would have been remembered kindly in the history books. But now that all this has been brought back up they sound more like a dirty novel! A power couple who will do anything for more power! The dirty sex, saying they were broke when they left the White House (must be why she tried to take $200,000 in Whitehouse furnishings) to now being worth more than $100 million due to using her position as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation to launder money from nations that hate us!

Dirty Politics is a nasty business and the media has portrayed Donald Trump to be things he is not! There is no proof that he has ever been racist and he is not a politician living off the government – just a successful businessman who tells the truth and wants to help America!

editor note:: We’re worried about the DNC tampering with the computer voting software and the Progressives are worried about the Russians hacking into the same software to make Trump win. We should not have voting on computers It’s pretty mush a proven fact they can be hacked, Period. Americans hate Dirty Politics, but want someone who will fight back.

by Sherry Barbour Bell posted on Trumpville Report facebook Group page

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