Dependence or Independence | Plantation Expands to include Middle-Class

dependence or independence

Plantation Will Be Expanded to include newly Dependent Middle-Class

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

American will choose Dependence or Independence — Do you think the working-aged men and women right now in America, would rather have government assistance in the forms of Food Stamps, Welfare, assisted low-income housing complexes, government controlled healthcare, and be kept in the “lower class” bracket, as opposed to, Good Local American Jobs, An Opportunity to be Successful, Pride and the feeling of knowing your work, be it mental or physical labor, paid off, a chance to live the American Dream and determine your own level of achievement in life! That is True Freedom, while the other is enslavement.

Do you really think life will be better with Hillary Clinton because of her Vast Political Experience? A President is a Manager, not a Dictator! Her experience has been fraught with failure.

‘Dependence or Independence’ is the question being answered around American’s kitchen tables.

I’ll give you a real life scenario. I gave birth to four children of my own, who are the ages twenty-five to thirty-one. I have a twenty-two-year-old stepdaughter. I also practically raised somewhere around a dozen friends of my sons and five or six of my daughter’s friends. I have a whole slew of nieces and nephews. 

All these young adults range from twenty to thirty-five. All but maybe two of the entirety are trying and wanting to be successful. Two out of thirty-five young adults, approximately 0.57% want government handouts, government dependence, and welfare.

But 33 out of 35 or 94.4% want American Independence! They don’t want to rely on being a slave to the government. They want to feel Proud of their accomplishments, and they should! They want to provide for their families and have a small slice of the American pie. And they are willing to achieve it with enthusiasm and gratitude.

These are two very big differences, but two equally achievable. That’s the scary part. America could become a Globally Government Controlled Non-Civilization. This can happen within a blink of an eye. 

Dependence or Independence – Media pushing Hillary and is on board with the New World Order

The media is hand in hand with the Clinton’s, trashing Trump at every turn. But if Americans want the truth, it’s out there, in the Alternative Media like Trumpville Report. Do not eat what the Mega Media is serving.

Freely share your views with Elderly about Dependence or Independence. Their Generation is being targeted by MSM to stay home on election day. I cannot stress the importance of talking to the ones that don’t have access or simply don’t have the internet, like 90% of the elderly. This group relies on the television news only. We have to show them, talk to them, and read to them the Real Facts, not the hogwash the mega media is blatantly spewing out.

Many elderly think because of what they see on TV, that Trump isn’t going to win anyways, so they might as well not vote! We need to help them understand this is what the Main Street Media (MSM) wants them to believe, to discourage our vote. That would give Hillary a Victory, and America a loss.

How Obvious does it have to get that Democrats and Republicans have failed America with every decision to move us into the New World Order. If it’s so great, why don’t they talk about it? I talked to a Hillary fan last night and she didn’t know anything about the Socialist movement and their New World Order. DAH,,,

Hillary Clinton wants to increase dependence on welfare, including welfare for illegal immigrants! She has stated that more welfare will invigorate our economy. Really? Just how does that work? More welfare means more debt for America. But Hillary Clinton wants a one world government, and more welfare will definitely lead to that! The more Americans dependent on government handout programs, the more the government controls you! Food stamps, control when you can grocery shop and how much you can eat in a month, Control. Free or subsidizing housing, controls where you can live, how many bedroom’s, how many restrooms, and determine your neighbors, Control. Medical, the government chooses what doctors you see, what medicines you take, and even what surgeries you can have, Control. More Welfare means one step closer to a New World Order! Hillary Clinton’s agenda is based on the path to total government control and then a one world government!

Donald Trump is for less welfare, more jobs, and independence for Americans. I read a comment that “Trump wants to take our checks”. RIDICULOUS!

Trump will help people on Medicare, disabilities, and elderly. But the thing is, if you don’t deserve a check, you shouldn’t receive one! Get off your @$$ and work for a living and quit being dependent on the government to take care of you! That is one of our biggest problems with welfare! Lazy unmotivated people drawing complete care from the government!

Trump will revamp welfare. He will make sure the people that qualify and deserves it will be taken care of, especially the disabled Americans, the American Veterans, and the Elderly. But the welfare mouche’s will be removed from welfare rolls and be expected to provide for themselves. This will be easier to do than in the past. Trump will create jobs for Americans. With more manufacturing, more factories, and opening up or natural resources for energy independence will create many jobs.

The vast majority of our youth and young adults in America want to succeed! They want jobs and opportunity to live the American Dream! Not have welfare stuffed down their throats because there are no jobs to work at. Trump’s plans to bring jobs back to America will dramatically affect welfare. When people have jobs to provide for themselves, they will not turn to the government.

As Americans, we must think about the future of America for our children and future generations. Do we really want our generation’s legacy to be remembered as the generation that handed the American People over to total government control?

The Generation that put America on the path to the New World Order. Do we want to be the last Free Generation of America?

Do your part to stop this annihilation of America. Help the next generations to come, become the most successful generation in American history. Vote for real change, real chances, real values, and real prosperity. Vote Donald Trump for the only chance to save America. Do your part, Get informed, read true information, and help, Make America Great Again!

‘Dependence or Independence’,  by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   ‘American Alternative Media’

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