Desperate Democrat Demagogue Hillary’s MSM Continues to Demonize Donald

Demonize Donald

Hillary’s MSM Continues to Demonize Donald Trump

by Mike Saxman – Op-ed editor and writer  for Trumpville Report

Are we, as Americans, really interested in some alleged morality issues from way back in the past, MORE than we are INTERESTED IN making America strong again, safe again, prosperous again, great again…RIGHT NOW?

MSM — Hillary has a poor record, so we’ll Demonize Donald Trump until we win! 

As this election gets down to the wire, Hillary, and her socialist America-killing left ideas have been EXPOSED…as being SOOOOO CORRUPT that they make Al Capone look GOOD! Hillary IS NOT and HAS NOT been able to significantly outdistance Trump (the guy almost every #NeverTrump’er has said cannot win) in this election. She and her team are going to try to PLAY US LIKE FIDDLES, with the most coordinated MSM smear of Trump they CAN. Well, DUH! So it boils down to this for each of us, “How SMART are you, American voter?”

Peace Offering to the “Never Trumpers”

Hillary Clinton was just (legitimately) THREATENED WITH an honest, thorough and justified investigation into her conduct, her actions, her decisions, her lies, her fake front phony foundation, BY Trump, on national TV. It’s pretty damn interesting that almost every #NeverTrump’er SAYS he/she wants to see Hillary prosecuted and sent to prison as part of our message that We the People want to send to all establishment politicians and our government in general…and TRUMP is the ONLY ONE who will DO THAT!

We only have two choices and we have to make a good decision.

There are many, many GOOD things, that truly MATTER to America’s future, that Trump offers, in fact, there is a lot to like about Donald Trump. And there are many, many BAD things, that also truly MATTER to America’s future, that Hillary brings to the table. There are many things we despise about Hillary Clinton as a person and a politician.

When you vote, Choose like your life depends on it. It Does!

We better get REAL, real fast, and be SMART in how you vote folks. Do YOU really want to be the one who stood on your principle and flung a big heap of sh*t, in the form of a third party vote, at that big fan we call our federal government….while YOU are standing SQUARELY IN THE WIND PATH that’s blowing in your own faces! THAT is exactly what you will be doing IF you vote third party folks, you will help Hillary, while FAILING to help Trump win this thing, for your country’s sake.

So BRING your common sense with you to the polling place in November, but LEAVE your emotions and your self-righteousness AT HOME. Neither of the latter has ANY place in this election.

This election is ABOUT our future

  • of our Supreme Court,
  • our rights,
  • our safety/security,
  • our sovereignty,
  • our military,
  • our inner cities downward spiral to utter destruction,
  • our economy,
  • our religious rights,
  • our children’s education,
  • our loss of jobs,
  • our very country.

We DO NOT want Hillary Clinton to WIN this election people. You have to trust your gut feeling on this. IF you don’t like Trump, you must CONSIDER trusting the majority of WE conservatives in America who are backing the man. WE are CONSERVATIVES, Christians, practical, tough-minded people with good work ethics, and family values, WE ARE Constitution-loving people, very patriotic but common sense Americans. What we are NOT is a bunch of stupid, mindless, know-nothing liberals who will vote, like robots by the millions, for their candidate Hillary. WE good Americans NEED your help, ALL OF YOU, to prevent ALL OF US from getting THE WORST PRESIDENT in U.S. history! She would be directly FOLLOWING our worst President in U.S. history. And THAT is what will KILL our country the rest of the way, folks! Think about that, and THEN ask yourself if your precious “principle” is really so important after all?

“Demonize Donald”,  by Mike Saxman – Op-ed editor and writer  for Trumpville Report

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