Are Dark Sinister Forces at play in America?

Dark Sinister Forces at play

Are Dark Sinister Forces at Play in America

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   and the Daily Ragg

George Soros
America’s enemy George Soros.

SOROS at work? — A statement was released stating, that the prison hostage incident was because of the leadership change in the United States, aka President Trump. 

What if Soros is not only backing the protesters and riots, but also the prison takeovers. A high % of prisoners are illegal immigrants and Muslim Islamic men that practice the Quran. It could get very scary.

Dark Sinister Forces at play In Our Prisons

A two-day revolt at a Delaware prison ended Thursday morning, with the death of one correction officer who was held, hostage.

Police breached a building at Delaware’s largest prison early Thursday, ending a nearly 24-hour hostage standoff that left one staffer dead. Inmates assumed control of the building at the James T. Vaughn Correction Center on Wednesday, taking four employees hostage.

The inmates told a local newspaper that concerns about their treatment and the leadership of the United States had prompted their actions. Authorities did not immediately explain how the employee died. They said Delaware State Police entered the building about 5:05 a.m. Thursday and found the man unresponsive. He was pronounced dead about 25 minutes later.

A second Department of Correction employee who had been held hostage was rescued. She was being examined at a hospital.

The prison is in Smyrna, about 15 miles north of the state capital of Dover. Delaware Gov. John Carney said the priority now is to determine what happened and why. In a statement released Thursday, the new Democratic governor said officials will “hold accountable anyone who was responsible” for taking the hostages. He said officials will “make whatever changes are necessary to ensure nothing like it ever happens again.”

Details of how the inmates managed to take over the building were not immediately clear. Robert Coupe, the secretary of the Delaware Department of Safety and Homeland Security, said authorities don’t know “the dynamics of the takeover” or whether inmates had been held against their will.

The hostage situation drew dozens of officers and law enforcement vehicles and prompted a statewide lockdown of all prisons. One hostage was released Wednesday afternoon and another was released hours later.

Earlier in the day, inmates reached out to The News Journal in Wilmington in two phone calls to explain their actions and make demands. Prisoners funneled the calls to the paper with the help of one inmate’s fiancée and another person’s mother. The mother told the paper that her son was among the hostages.

In that call, an inmate said their reasons “for doing what we’re doing” included “Donald Trump. Everything that he did. All the things that he’s doing now. We know that the institution is going to change for the worse.”

They also said they want effective rehabilitation for all prisoners and information about how money is allocated to prisons. Do you think maximum security prisoners deserve to know about allocated funds?

According to the department’s website, the prison is Delaware’s largest correctional facility for men, with about 2,500 inmates. It houses medium and maximum security inmates and also houses Kent County detainees awaiting trial.

Sgt. Steven Floyd, a 16-year veteran of the Delaware Department of Correction, was the officer found dead Thursday morning after the hostage situation that spanned most of Wednesday and through the night.

Robert M. Coupe, the secretary of the state Department of Safety and Homeland Security, said at a Thursday morning news conference that they could not say the exact manner of Floyd’s death. The 47-year-old man’s body has been turned over to the state Division of Forensic Science for an autopsy. “Prisons are very dangerous,” he said. “Our officer’s train. Our officers work together … but every day it’s dangerous.”

I know the dangers these courageous men and women face every day because I am the mother of a courageous son that is a Correctional Officer at a maximum security prison. And I worry about the danger he faces every day. I also know that his service is needed, and know that for maximum security prisoners, the prisoners have it too good!

Delaware Gov. John Carney reiterated that a full investigation will be carried out to determine how and what prompted this attack, and how the state will ensure this situation will never happen again.

“I’m just doing what I’m being told to. I’m just trying to help, ma’am,” a man told a News Journal reporter. “They just need somebody to hear their demands.” The man would not give his name because he said he was instructed not to.

The demands came in the form of a manifesto or decree and mostly called for prison reforms.
“Improper sentencing orders. Status sheets being wrong. Oppression towards the inmates,” the voice continued.

A second call came from a woman who said her son was in the prison and was being held, hostage.

“We’re trying to explain the reasons for doing what we’re doing,” one of the voices on the call said. “Donald Trump. Everything that he did. All the things that he’s doing now. We know that the institution is going to change for the worse. We got demands that you need to pay attention to, that you need to listen to and you need to let them know. We want a rehabilitation program that works for everybody. We want the money to be allocated so we can know exactly what is going on in the prison, the budget.”

Since when do Prisoners have the “right” to know about allocated funds? They are in prison for a reason. And therefore lose their rights! What makes prisoners think that they deserve to see the prison budget? Tax payers money pays for the budget! Most prisons are sometimes too lenient on prisoners. Free rent, free food, free Rec room, free haircuts, free everything!, mind you after, they have committed a dangerous crime and are in PRISON!!! This is utterly insane!

Dark Sinister Forces at play? Now on to Berkeley College
There has been no time in the history of language, that this term is more suitable, Ignorance. Pure undeniable IGNORANCE. A historical college, known for fighting for Freedom of Speech and acceptance, shredded to little-splintered heaps of disdain and bigotry.

The Chancellor of UC Berkeley has released a statement claiming that rather than being caused by students, they were started by “armed individuals in ‘ninja-like’ uniforms using “paramilitary tactics.”

The event was canceled after left-wing rioters, who the university claim were not students, smashed ATMs and bank windows, looted a Starbucks, beat Trump supporters, pepper sprayed innocent individuals, set fires in the street, and sprayed the words “Kill Trump” on storefronts.

Coverage of the riots spread across the world, as people watched on in horror at a university known for its heritage of free speech being taken over by political thugs.

In an email to students, UC Berkeley chancellor Nicholas Dirks said that the university “condemns in the strongest possible terms the actions of individuals who invaded the campus, infiltrated a crowd of “peaceful students,” and used violent tactics to close down the event. We deeply regret that the violence unleashed by this group undermined the First Amendment rights of the speaker as well as those who came to lawfully assemble and protest his presence.”

However, Dirks adds that despite going to “extraordinary lengths to facilitate planning and preparation for this event,” the efforts were undone by “100 armed individuals clad in Ninja-like uniforms who used paramilitary tactics to engage in violent destructive behavior designed to shut the event down.”

Hmmm, pretty sure Students and Disgraceful Professors participated, I saw it with my own eyes. I’m not suggesting that the “100 Ninja’s” wasn’t in attendance, but if they are the ones who started the riots, it sure didn’t take much convincing for the students and faculty to get involved. But of course the Berkeley Chancellor is going to say it was “100 ninjas”, lol, he doesn’t want to lose all that funding!

President Donald Trump condemned the riots, threatening to take away the university’s federal funding if the university “does not allow free speech and practices violence on innocent people with a different point of view.”

Then this!
Tucker Carlson VS Jake Bittle
Bittle is one of the organizers of a protest. Please note how both intelligence and utter stupidity can happily co-mingle in one person…

Tucker Carson
Tucker Carson

Are Dark Sinister Forces at play in America? During a contentious exchange on Fox News, host Tucker Carlson took on a University of Chicago senior Jake Bittle, who had taken to Facebook to say RNC spokesman Sean Spicer shouldn’t be allowed to speak at the university.

As one would expect, Tucker took exception with Bittle’s calls for Spicer to not be allowed to speak, noting that it seems to fly in the face of freedom of speech. Bittle, who is the school paper’s editor, argued that Spicer is just a spin doctor and wouldn’t answer his questions anyway.

The Fox News host would also go on to ridicule Bittle over what he figured was his lack of knowledge over what he was talking about, specifically the Paris Climate Accords.

After some back and forth on that issue, Carlson brought up something Bittle wrote in his paper:

BITTLE: Now, we are faced with a real crisis with the election of the term. We must take real action, the Ivy League translation of the vulgar give Trump a chance. The real action, human, donating money to the ACLU, to Standing Rock, Planned Parenthood, call your representatives, protest, flipping cars when trump walks away from the Paris Climate Agreement, attacking racists, attacking people in the supermarket, whatever it takes.

CARLSON: I have a bunch of questions. The first is, whose cars are you going to flip?

What should concern you is how Bittle is quite intelligent, articulate and patient. But woven into his “reasoning” are casual insertions of “destroy property” which is never stated outright, but slipped between the lines. It’s called “subtext” and skilled, intelligent writers can carry it off with ease.

Bittle is absolutely calling for civil unrest, but hiding behind his excuse of “hyperbolic language” saying he’s employing writing style. He’s not wrong, but how will his moronic followers spot the difference? For if I was writing to protest-happy snot muffins, and I wanted to make clear I was exaggerating my point for the sake of exaggeration, I wouldn’t advocate the flipping of cars. Liberal protesters are known for getting violent quickly. If I wanted to be hyperbolic, I’d suggest the best way a liberal protester could make a difference? Do something completely unexpected: show kindness, tolerance, and a healthy display of grooming. Via showering. With soap. Remove the nose piercing, encrusted with dried boogers. Wash a car rather than flip it.

Imagine how viral a headline would go if it read: “Protesters Remove Nose Piercings, WASH CARS to Protest Trump!” How would you not click on that?

In all seriousness, Bittle is a dangerous leader. He’s smart, he’s smug, he knows how to lead his dimwitted lemmings while still covering his own ass. Stay vigilant out there, guys. Keep your cars washed.

And more!

DENVER — Tens of thousands of protesters again took to streets across the country and around the world Saturday to criticize President Trump’s executive orders, cabinet picks and overall agenda.

Some of the biggest protests took place in New York City and Washington, D.C., with large rallies planned in San Francisco and Los Angles later in the day.

People hold signs and flags at a rally in front of the Stonewall Inn in solidarity with immigrants.
Organizing under the social media hashtag #NoBanNoWall, protesters said they wanted to again demonstrate their commitment to protecting vulnerable communities.

Demonstrations also took place in St. Louis, Denver, Toronto, Salt Lake City, Austin and Philadelphia, and a large gathering clogged streets in front of the U.S. embassy in London. The protests, while at times blocking traffic or inconveniencing tourists, remained peaceful by Saturday afternoon.

In New York City, a large crowd gathered at the Stonewall National Monument, prompting Mayor Bill DeBlasio to tweet a picture of the crowd and a blunt statement: “New Yorkers don’t care how you love, worship, or identify. If they come after you, they’ll need to get through every one of us.”

It was the third Saturday in a row since Trump’s inauguration that protesters flooded streets, public parks and plazas to express displeasure with the new president’s agenda.

Many protesters say they’re particularly worried about the potential loss of rights for LGBTQ people, and for refugees from war-torn Muslim countries subject to Trump’s travel ban.

Small protests also took place at airports around the country. “Beautiful scene today,” Toronto protestor Alex Mazer posted on Twitter. “Marching against hate, intolerance, & Islamophobia.” What an idiot!

Saturday evening, an estimated 2,000 protestors gathered in front of the Trump Tower in West Palm Beach for a march that would take them near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, which has become known as the Winter White House. The president and First Lady Melania Trump are expected to attend a Red Cross ball at the club Saturday night.

George Soros and the Elite of The New World Order, are behind most if not all of these so-called protests, which are actually Riots! We as Patriotic Americans must stay vigilant, we cannot let our beloved America be destroyed, by leftist liberal puppets controlled by the likes of George Soros!

We have to ask ourselves this, with all the upset in America since the Elections, is it completely beyond the realm of possibility that SOROS and the NWO are paying and orchestrating this mayhem to undermine President Trump?

These disruptive riots are bought and paid for by evil forces trying to destroy America! We must stand! We must not let these morons take over! The fake news is encouraging this behavior.

Maybe it’s time Mr. President Trump allow the police to treat these “protesters” like the thugs they are! Treat them as terrorists, because that’s exactly what they are doing, Terrorizing, looting, burning, breaking, stealing, threatening anyone who doesn’t agree with them.

We must stand together in solidarity against the likes of George Soros, the Clinton’s, the Hollywood Libtards, and most importantly the New World Order! This combination of Evil is behind the disrupt in America, and we must squash them, like the diseased insects they are!

by Beverley Russell – Op-ed senior journalist Trumpville Report   and the Daily Ragg

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