Cruz supporter at Texas GOP Convention, said What! ?

cruz supporter

by Merri Velasquez admin at Trump Nation

It was here that I met a Cruz supporter. First of all we want to thank God for giving us the opportunity to help Team Trump/Booth at the Texas GOP Convention this past weekend. We met so many HUGE Trump supporters. At the booth our main purpose was to encourage Trump supporters and reach out to new voters. Many signed up to volunteer to help be a part of Donald J. Trump & Make America Great Again. The National Team Trump members and volunteers worked hard to unite our party. Thank you everyone!

Cruz Supporter

One of our volunteers got very upset when a Cruz supporter was arguing fiercely at her. She came to me shaking. I told her to tell him he did not need to vote for Mr. Trump. She asked if I could go talk to him because he didn’t want to go away. I noticed 5-6 people had gathered with all the commotion. I walked up and he raised his voice comparing Cruz to Trump. He asked me how I could vote for a person who so many people dislike and is not a true conservative? I told him no one is perfect we all say and do things we wish we could undo. That is all I could say because he started up again. I did not argue back at him, I just let him talk. Then he asked me the same question again. I said there is nothing I can say or do to change your heart but the Bible tells us where God’s will is, there is peace. You need to pray and ask God to see what he would have you to do. Pray to God he will answer and will not deceive you. I will deceive you and so will others, but God will not. You need to pray and follow God’s will. He said yes maybe I need to pray. Then I motion like a circle for all who were listening and said we all need to remember that first we are all children of the Most High God and when we pray God will answer. Someone said, Amen. The man said I need to pray and walked away.

Let us pray for God to restore our beloved America! Pray favor for Mr. Trump! God bless all.

The Next Day

The next day a Texas Representative came to the booth and said, I want to talk to the person who told the Cruz supporter to pray. I said I did, he said well when he came back to the convention he told some people and people were talking about it, so I wanted to meet you. I told him it was God..he said you know I work at the capital every day and people are always getting in my face. I am going to tell them what you told the man to go pray…I said explain to him with all things, it is prayer first.

by Merri Velasquez admin at Trump Nation

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